Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That'll Put A StopTo That.

Two men and four women have been sentenced to die for "dancing and singing" at a wedding in the back blocks of Pakistan.

The evidence collected by way of a video on a cellphone led clerics of "the religion of peace" to order the deaths with the men to die first.
However the men have "run away" giving a temporary reprieve for the women.

I guess forcing the men to die after the women would constitute "cruel and unusual punishment".

Inter tribal conflict was suggested as a possible catalyst in the rather harsh outcome.

Some leftard islamalover will explain the 21st century thinking that perpetrates such barbarism practiced by these stone age retards.

Certainly will prevent re-offending though a tad harsh in my view

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Anonymous said...

'There is no fun in Islam' Ayatollah Khomeini

Mrs Danvers