Thursday, May 31, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`A week ago I was pulled up by a cop for running a red light. Okay, I was at fault for that, but no warning? I text this because I was fined $150 for crossing on my bycycle. I think that cop shafted me  and shafted me good. In a car, yes fair enough, but on a bike? Are our police and Government getting that hard up they don't care  where or how they get the revenue? My gripe is that I'm on a bike, it's not warranted, has no rego and pay no levies on it either. Hello, the man in blue, at least a warning mate. What a rip-off. Disgruntled biker

pdms comment: Sorry lady (the tenor suggests to me this texter is a woman) you broke the law and it is a `fair cop' so stop whinging!! 



Anonymous said...

Sorry PDM I'm with the disgruntled biker here.

I was also done for running a red light on my bike. I was stopped at the intersection and waited until the way was clear. As I was turning right it was safer for me to go when I did than risk someone going straightr through taking me out on the Green. The cop didn't want to look at the circumstances - just needed to be seen to be fining a cyclist. And the reason he gave me? Because John Banks as Mayor had demanded cops crack down on cyclists riding around the waterfront. Obviously it was the cyclists fault they are getting bowled by vehicles.

Whatever happened to an independent police force with discretion?


Anonymous said...

I've never been done but believe I'm much safer to run red lights etc... when biking (if the way is clear) than get caught in the green light drags.

I have been saved by having a radar detector in my car. A short traffic cop alleged 65 when I was doing less than 50 and he only backed off when he could see I'd known he was there long before he could pick me up. He made it up and had the number on the screen saved from the last time.

People will cheat to meet targets and cops are as bent as the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

The 13% cut to arrests that police have been ordered to make won't affect these sorts of things I guess?
1) you are not arrested for running red light
2) I bet they have not been told to take a 13% reduction in issuing fines

I commented on an earlier post about "text of the day" with relation to policing changes in Hawkes Bay.
Police frontline staff are being affected by the Hastings/Napier amalgamation. For example, in one section six have been told to apply for the 3 remaining positions. Those that stay in that section will be working around 50 extra shifts per year for the same money. It is a huge deterioration in their conditions - constructive dismissal?


Anonymous said...

So I can run the lights in my car, as long as I look first and am sure that it is safe?

The bikers are quick to point a finger when a car hits one of them. But they never scoff at the law, create accidents by driving like idiots, etc. No, that's only done by cars.

Tax/fine them till they bleed! Freeloaders demanding that the people who pay for the roads share them!

I'd have more respect for bikers if they acted like people using a road they have paid for, rather than obnoxious "we are better than you" types who demand rights, even the right to break the law, yet refuse to pay their own way.

Anonymous said...

You are a road user like everyone else, and you get to be that without paying hefty levies like most other road users. You know it is wrong, by-and-large motorists don't get warnings so why are you so special that you should when you are blatantly breaking the law? Sorry, no sympathy from me.