Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So Lets Have A Claytons.

As Jones pathetic story telling muddies the waters in the Labour Party,  Shearer,  obviously having consulted New York, has demoted Tugger from the front bench and called the Attorney General to look into the Liu Case.

Classic H1, wasn't that her first effort to bury the Philip Field carcase as the smell became more embarrassing.

The AG may or may no get involved but it might remove the stinking remains (they are more than three years old) while Labour try to make some headlines around the budget.

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Paulus said...

Problem is that the AG, who has not accepted the case yet, has such narrow terms of reference.
Shearer would have been advised by Robertson, who as Helen Clark's number 3, has much experience in obfuscation in such matters - look at his history.