Wednesday, May 30, 2012

RIP Vlado

Vlado Gregurek

The best steak Adolf ever tasted was consumed at Vlado's Steak House in Richmond, Melbourne in 1988.

A few years earlier Vlado's was listed in one of the world's prestige magazines as the Number 2 steak house in the world, second only to some joint in New York.

I remember the occasion of our visit well.  The Cook and I rocked up in a taxi and in we went.  I was surprised at how small and cozy the place was.  The set menu price was $28.00 and a bottle of Peter Lehman' sav was (I think) about $20.00

One was presented with a tray bearing two each of fillet, rump and sirloin and one chose one's cut.  They were enormous.  You could see old (he looked eighty back then) Vlado, massaging your steak as he held it up to the light of his mallee fire before deciding which side to cook first.

We've visited plenty of flash restaurants in plenty of countries but Vlado's is the only one whose memory endures.

What better epitaph could the old boy want?


gravedodger said...

A mouth-watering word picture you paint.

Mark Hubbard said...

Well on that topic, if you're ever in Timaru, then the best two steaks I've ever had, anywhere, were from the Customs Steakhouse. Stunning. And two out of two is a pretty good batting average so far.

jonno1 said...

Regrettably I've never been to Vlado's, but there are two others I can recommend, the first in Indianapolis where the waiters wear dinner suits and if you can eat the whole steak you get another one free (I couldn't). The second is in a basement near London Bridge. Can't remember the name of either unfortunately, but in both places the steak is the meal, unless you insist on garnish. Then there's the place at The Rocks, Sydney, where you select and cook your own steak - not quite the same thing but the quality of the staeks is superb. My wife cooks a mean steak too - much better than me!