Thursday, May 3, 2012


Early this morning I watched the rambling news conference where Newt (as in pissed) Gingrich announced he was suspending his campaign for the Republican nomination.  

To have the Fox News Channel pan Gingrich's performance as bizarre probably gives you a sense of how bad it was.

Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee.   Not my choice but, then again, I am not an American and don't have a vote.

While the polls will close up Romney still has a mountain to climb made even more steep by the huge sums of cash the Democrats are managing to raise from the Liberal effete.   There is no doubt in my mind they will outspend the Republicans big time and this, coupled with the power of an incumbent President, means Romney will start well behind the 8 ball.

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Anonymous said...

360 million people and BO and Romney are the best thay can find?

No wonder the USA is stuffed.