Monday, May 28, 2012

Quiz Answrs

PM of NZ 2
Marc 4
Chris 3 1/2 up graded to 4 1/2.
Simon first in with a sweep and bragging rights.
Allan with a sweep also and good background info.
Was it too easy or just a bunch of brights.


1 Opotiki Beach in beautiful BOP
2 Kaikoura (Birthplace of moi) looking into Mt Fyfe from the Peninsula. A rather unique situation of geography where a mountain that carries snow much of the winter is so close to the sea on the state highway.
3 Westport municiple building in the "capital" of Buller District.
4 Mt John observatory on the SW corner of Lake Tekapo in the McKenzie Country. It enjoys viewing of the cosmos with very little "light polution" and very clear air.
5 Sir Micheal Fowler, one time Mayor of our Capital City.


Allan R said...

Too easy. I have been to those places and recognised them.

Forgot to add that I have also been to the summit of Mt Fyfe

gravedodger said...

That would not have been so easy Allan

Kevin Smith said...

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