Friday, May 25, 2012

Pat Finally Gets It.

Pat Lam, the under siege Auckland Blues coach, has at last worked out what many knew from the outset of this years Super Rugby Competition.

Ali Williams, Piri Weepu and Maa Nonu are just turning up to qualify for the Internationals. The trio, that with the injury lay off of Kevin Mealamu, should have stepped up to show the way in 2012 for what was the most successful franchise in the first ten years of super rugby.

Instead they, individually and collectively allowed the once proud team to wallow in indifference and ineptness as they stumbled to second to last.
 Warming the bench is way beyond the talents and form being exhibited by them so far this year.

The rest of the team many of whom were no names at season start have given their guts week in week out and the three "stars" have just frustrated much of that effort.

I am surprised to find I feel very sad for the Blues as the largest bloc, player numbers-wise, and potential fan base are left with a team that at times would struggle to beat North Otago or Wanganui.

As to the suggestion; Maa Nonu going to the Crusaders, what brought that on, Crotty and Fruen spanked his sorry arse last Saturday night.
The story Weepu wanted to return to the Canes had a little sense and reason behind it but seriously, would the current team and coach want him back with his baggage.
Ali Williams should either go to Sushiland or just walk away before he embarrasses himself further.

Equally questionable is the All Black hierarchy wanting them as mentors when the efforts they have contributed to their franchise makes that problematical to say the least.

The trio are individually just keeping rising stars from developing for RWC 2015 by blocking opportunity for others as they hang around.


James Stephenson said...

I'm struggling to cope with the alternative reality where Weepu gets selected ahead of Perenara at the 'canes

Allan R said...

Nonu is open to offers from the Crusaders apparently.

Why the hell do we want him. Are Crotty, Taylor, Fruen and the others so ordinary we have to even consider this oxygen thief? Him in the team is like having a player permanently in the sin bin. Sadly, if they take this fool onboard I shall be forced to declare an allegience for another outfit.

He might want us (hell, he needs us) but we sure as hell don't want him.

pdm said...

Nonu and Weepu went to the Blues because they knew the discipline there was the weakest of the SuperXV NZ teams.

James - or ahead of anyone for the AB's.

Williams, unfortunately, was past his use by date before the World Cup and should not have been selected then.

Allan R - I thought Crotty was the man of the match last week. Nonu would destabilise everything that Blackadder and his crew are doing.

Anonymous said...

The Hurricanes were pleased to finally sort out who is in charge.

Anonymous said...