Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oi! That Was Ours! You Bastards!

Adolf chuckled long and hard as he read this piece a couple of days ago.

Tax base broadening measures in Budget 2012 will target high income New Zealanders who structure their financial affairs in ways to avoid their obligations, Finance Minister Bill English says.
Speaking to media ahead of tomorrow's Budget, English would not be drawn on what those measures might be, or how much revenue the Government expected to raise with those measures. Prime Minister John Key has said there will be one new base-broadening measure in Budget 2012.

He was imagining the reaction in bowels of the Labour Party engine room.  The one where they house that dinky little 1300cc Toyota mounted on a bench, coupled to a big rubber band.

The Nats have pinched Labour's punching bag AND their gloves.  A higher tax rate for the super fat cats who earn are paid over $200,000 perhaps?  Hell, all they are doing is catching up with Australia which they promised to do - one day.

Good God, Shearer will have to stand up in Parliament and heap praise on this budget.

The best part of all is that all those National voting rich pricks are in business and can divert heaps of income to remain in the current upper bracket.  It's the fat cat Labour voters on salaries up to 5800,000, skulking in the public service, hospitals, courts, commissions and universities who will be hit.

Wonderful stuff.

 I recall someone telling me Bill English has a hell of a good sense of humour.


Psycho Milt said...

Oh, I think Bill's prescription for continued low/no growth, rising debt and falling living standards will give Labour quite enough to complain about...

Anonymous said...

Take with both hands then? This is not the answer - balancing means cuts, real cuts.

Mort said...

they certainly did broaden that tax base... those evil 14yr olds... not only are they to suffer from the profligate debt inducing overspending of $300m per week of the last few years (if indeed thee are any jobs available for under 25s when they get to that age), but Zhey vill pay zeir fair share of tax today...

Gotta love that adherence to the principle of no taxation without representation some in the National Party purport to believe in.