Wednesday, May 2, 2012

John Banks has created hundreds of jobs; Reds just lost 12

I get a little pissed off when sideshows over regular political behaviour take precedence over jobs being lost due to Green Red MPs anti-growth, anti-job agenda.
The Environment Court has refused to renew mussel-farming rights at three sites at Port Gore in the outer Marlborough Sounds.

Sanford managing director Ted Culley said this was the first time he knew of existing marine farming permits being declined.

"As a significant aquaculturist in the Marlborough Sounds, this gives Sanford concerns as to what might happen in the future," Mr Culley said. The company was taking advice on whether to appeal the decision in the High Court.

Sanford owns two of the affected farms and Port Gore Marine Farms (PGMF) the third.

In court, Sanford argued that its two affected farms produced 600 tonnes of mussels in a year, which represented 12 jobs

The Greens Reds are ecstatic about the loss of 12 jobs.  Here's Steffan Browning on Facebook:
Fantastic news today. The Environment Court has agreed with our appeal against the renewing of Port Gore (outer Marlborough Sounds) mussel farm consents. The mussel farms were old anomalies in an area that the Marlborough District Council agreed with us years ago should be prohibited to the industrialisation of marine farming due to its natural and wild character. Industry including the foreign dominated NZ King Salmon company and government has been wanting to expand into the area. This EC decision will send a very clear message to them that their intentions are wrong and have little chance of success. We must be able to preserve the character of our wild places. Celebration time.
I asked him how many jobs were lost as a result - I hadn't actually read the media story - and it went like this:
Him:  The benefits to tourism and environmental and human well being will easily counter the degradation and injustice that was going on in that area. 

Me:   So people who operated a mussel farm (existing jobs there) applied to extend their consent and keep their business going, which was refused (therefore no more farm), but no jobs were lost as a result? Am I missing something? 

Him:  Sandfords being the main company involved will not notice as they pick up product from new farms in the area actually designated for marine farming, albeit the new farms will be adding to the cumulative effect of excess mussel farms sucking on the food chain there. A stuffed wild fishery Nick or temporary / now jobs, or a sustainable fishery and environment that can be used as a positive marketing device for genuinely sustainable product.
Yep, he didn't even know the name of the company.  And jobs lost, but that's okay because it's unsustainable stuffed wild fishery so who cares. 

Those 12 workers do, Steffan.  And so do their families.


WWallace said...

The "so-called" Greens complain about over-fishing of the wild fish stocks, and yet are anti any fish farming.

Then their foodies say we should eat more healthy food, such as omega3 from fresh fish... and wonder why it is so expensive!


The Veteran said...

A magnificent victory for blind ideology over common sense.

Bugger the people, Bugger the jobs, the State will provide ... Green rules ok

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

These are the same people who have cooked Labor's goose in Australia.

IHStewart said...

" albeit the new farms will be adding to the cumulative effect of excess mussel farms sucking on the food chain there. "

SB please note

" Both marine and freshwater mussels are filter feeders; they feed on plankton and other microscopic sea creatures which are free-floating in seawater. A mussel draws water in through its incurrent siphon. The water is then brought into the branchial chamber by the actions of the cilia located on the gills for ciliary-mucus feeding. The wastewater exits through the excurrent siphon. The labial palps finally funnel the food into the mouth, where digestion begins."

I gather that investigations into sea slug farming on the seabed below marine farms is looking positive, something I am sure SB is unaware of.
I agree SB is a fuckwit that however does not excuse JB who is one as well.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the area was tagged as a spot where the further farming would be resisted when consent time came around so it make not be a good example to show how screwed up the greens are. He may be doing nothing more than trumpeting victory when it was inevitable anyway. That makes him look just as stupid in my view.


Paulus said...

Does the twit know where Port Gore actually is ?