Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It Takes More Cheek Than....

.....a self styled Kenyan Ayrab from Hawaii to go cadging campaign money from the very people you have been publicly abusing.

I wonder if the BAJA has been aknockin' at the door over at Bain Capital? 

........One of his top bundlers is in fact a managing director at Bain who was an executive at the firm in 2001 at the time that GST Steel went bust. GST Steel is the firm at the center of Obama’s attacks on Romney, whom the campaign has dubbed a “vampire.” Romney had left the firm two years before, so who is Obama calling a bloodsucker?

Obama, whose campaign is spending money at a staggering rate, is very dependent on the financial sector for its ongoing support. This creates a problem because Obama’s most powerful weapon against Romney is the effort to paint him as greedy and cruel.
The idea is Obama wants Wall Street to give him money so he can depict Romney as a wicked, wanton capitalist. But since Romney and Bain are well respected in the business for their success, even pro-Obama moneymen have reason to wonder if this swing-state populist pitch won’t end up stoking resentments against the entire financial sector.........
Apparently he has.

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