Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get a Life Jan.

Yesterday at the commencement of Parliament's day,  Maurice Williamson, by way of a 'point of order', welcomed the current contestants of the NZ Miss Universe competition who were in the gallery having been in his office in the hour before the house sat.

They were welcomed with applause and Speaker Smith in the spirit of the moment suggested that it probably did not fit with standing orders and the day resumed.

Today Green MP Jan Logie will by way of a point of order welcome some feminist groupies as a protest to what she felt was a sexist move by the males of the house yesterday.

My mental image seems dominated by Bradford, Delahuntey and other uglies but I guess Wussel will lead the applause, celebrating the moment.


David said...

headshakingly stupid. Impact is a fleeting effect and humour dulls if repeated. Really the Greens come across as dull and humourless by trying to repeat Williamson's successful (if fleeting) hijacking of the POA process.
They are coming across as pinch-mouth disapproving agenda driven wowser fruitcakes with an excess of a PC genetic defect. Derision is too good for them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gives a whole new meaning to the term 'sour pus.'

Paulus said...

It would be funny if the Greenpeace Party were taken seriously.
Be very afraid though of their tactics.
Labour must be terrified the they hold the media power.

Anonymous said...

God!! Save us from these self-hating, ugly harpies.

Mrs Danvers