Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Field Day For The Left

The left would have a field day if, in early 2014, forty percent of National Party supporters surveyed by Roy Morgan in the Helensville electorate gave their party vote to National and then voted for the the Labour or Greens candidate.

The appalling Herald would carry banner headlines, Radio Left Wing would talk about it non stop for two weeks and John Armstrong would scratch his head.

Well folks, that's exactly what's happened in the US Democratic Party primaries.

More than four of every 10 Democrats who went to the polls in Arkansas and Kentucky voted against him. Obama was able to secure only 58 percent of the primary vote in each state.

This follows the 41 percent showing in the West Virginia primary for a felon sitting in a Texas jail, and the fact that 20 percent of Democratic voters in North Carolina’s primary actually voted “no preference” rather than pull the lever for their party leader and president.

Now, even Democrat registered voters have given up on the Black Arsed Jack Ass.



Don't forget to read about Bazza and the Choom gang.
Bazza being the socialist we always said he was.
He's induldging in even more dubious shakedowns.
Yet, despite his attacks on the organisation, Obama is keeoing his Bain Capital big bundles.
And Obama claims to have sons too!

Maybe the sons are in the 57 states he has visited, where they speak Austrian!

Anonymous said...

More little fibs and smears. Really scared of the black guy aren't you ladies?