Saturday, May 19, 2012

Those Ever Evolving Democrats

For those who have not kept up with events political in the USA there is much hilarious amusement going begging.

It seems the Democrats now 'evolve' policy and their CVs as the political mood or, more importantly, the need for money and prestige ebbs and flows.

The most spectacular such event has been the unmasking of a fake, blue eyed, blond Cherokee Harvard law professor, one Elizabeth Warren

She looks like getting laughed out of contention before the election begins in which she seeks to unseat Republican senator Scott Brown in the state of Massachusetts.

Yep, that's the same Scot Brown who nicked the previously Democrat held seat of the Chappaquiddick killer Ted Kennedy

Turns out madame didn't do so well in school, so in order to gain entry to Harvard she needed a little help.  In endemically racist America, if you can show you are of indigenous heritage you can get in on a special quota in which academic ability matters less than who your great great grand mammy was.  If you're an Injun, you're in.   Ms Warren laid claim to Cherokee ancestry and was accepted.  The rest is now history and she is today an Adjunct Law Professor at Harvard, which institution proudly proclaims her as its sole indigenous faculty member.

Trouble is, there's no documentary proof of her ancestry and when push came to shove, it appears her real ancestors were the white folks who stole the Cherokee land and drove the unfortunate natives on a forced march to a barren, far off reservation.  Some 4,000 souls perished on the journey.  When her claim to have a Cherokee great great grand mammy was found to be false, she pointed to her contributions to a Cherokee recipe book entitled 'Pow Wow Chow.'  (I kid you not.) She submitted three recipes purporting to be good old Cherokee bush tucker.

Trouble is, someone found that the recipes had been pinched word for word from a flash New York restaurant of the 1930s.

Sounds a bit like another Harvard law professor, don't it?


The black arsed jack ass currently occupying the White House had a similar problem with his high school academic achievement - or lack thereof. - when he was a young buck making his way in academia.  It seems he couldn't make the grade so he too resorted to the use of affirmative action. (Affirmative action is the practice of holding a number of places exclusively for hard done by minorities  - e..g injuns, wogs, furriners and blacks.).

If he could just show that he was a foreigner, he'd get in under a special category and get a whole bunch of grant money to boot.  Remarkably, his published biography and CV at that time stated he was born in Kenya and continued to assert this interesting fact right up until three months AFTER he launched his bid for the presidency.  Incredibly, none of the media picked this up, yet it was readily available by way of Google search.  Either he really was born in Kenya or he fraudulently gained access to affirmative action benefits. The media were all too busy chasing after dirt on Dubbya and later vetting Sarah Palin.

Well, there you go.  No wonder the Prez won't release any details of his scholastic record or applications for admittance to Harvard because there, for the world to see, will be his own signed off affirmation that he was born in Kenya.  Of course it was important to be born in Kenya way back then but now he has evolved and has to be born in Hawaii.  Hell, Jesus Christ himself managed to be born in only one place, Bethlehem.

Then you have the spectacle of Obama's 'evolving' policy on same sex marriage.  Way back then, he was for it when he needed the support of the Chicago homosexual community to get into the state senate but then he evolved to an opposite viewpoint when he needed the votes of the black Christian community to get himself elected as president and now he needs the money from the wealthy poofters who support the Democrats so he's 'evolved' right back again.. Apparently he raised four million dollars within half an hour of his latest evolution.

Only trouble is, according to opinion polls, a whopping seventy six percent of likely voters think this time he is bullshitting.

American voters are starting to wake up that they've been well and truly had.  They voted for Hope'n'Change and instead they got No Hope and Short Change as unemployment and petrol prices go through the roof.


Anonymous said...

Come in, Judge !

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

He can't. The door's locked.

Anonymous said...

Well done Adolf :o) and well done Breitbart


Anonymous said...

You're a ridiculous lying, cowardly, racist smear merchant.


KG said...

Nice one, Adolf. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, coz telling silly fibs really shows how scared you psychos are getting.

Anonymous said...

He could easily clear the whole birth thing up. Why not do so?

Anonymous said...

Done already. Weren't you paying attention?

Anonymous said...

I can tell his origins from my computer....he's black! So what's the mystery? Inside/outside USA! (Sounds like a Beach Boys' song!)


Perseus said...

It's sweet to see that Breitbart's goons carrying on his "work" in the same vein as he did - by lying and vicious smears. It appropriately honours the guy.

Anonymous said...

We live in interesting times. Can't wait for the presidential debates to start. Although he's not my choice of candidate, Romney has enough ammo now to make mincemeat out of the big Zero.

Mrs Danvers


It has been well documented that Kenyan media and much of the Kenyan government thought Obama was born in Kenya.
Even Michelle Obama has her doubts. questions remains why?
Why do so many people believe Obama was born in Kenya.
It cannot be some racist campaign to discredit the Democtat? The allegations did not spring up out of thin air.
If people wanted to Demonise the ObamaMessia, they would have something much more concrete.
I still believe Obama is weakest on the economy.
But we see major issues of fundamental honesty here.
We see a president who has done much to cover up or lie about his past.
Thus, we see continuing controversy over Obama's college records, his social security number, etc, etc.
Considering how the MSM was so keen to dig deep into sarah Palin's past and now we see them go after Mitt Romney, we see how the US media has committed a gross dereliction of duty in vetting or rather not vetting Obama.
At least now in 2012, the alternative/new media is stronger and maybe we will get to hear more about the real Obama, the one the media failed to find or deliberatedly covered up.
Either way, what we know to date is that Amercia is ruled by a presidency who has no principles, be if policies on gay marriage, and not only do his views change according to which way the political wind is blowing, so do pertinent facts about him as a person.
He was for gay marriage before he was against it.
He was Kenyan born before he was not.
He truly is an evolving president!

Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 2:44

Don't come around here spraying people's names about the place.

Speaking of being fulla shit, why don't you use a pseudonym?

'FullaShit' looks about right from here.

Anonymous said...

When I see a post like this one, I ask myself, would any newspaper publish its racist language and tone and allow it's author the right of anonymity in it's letters section? The answer is, of course, that they would not. The racist drivel of a man who hides behind an online handle that itself impies neo-nazi racial beliefs does not deserve to see the light of day, yet the internet allows it. Food for thought. Perhaps it is time to use the unfettered nature of the internet to unmask this Adolf Fiinkensein and to see if he stands by his views when his real name is attached to them and let his friends, family, relatives and community know what he really thinks? Anyone who knows his name, email me. I'll happily distribute it far and wide. After all, freedom to say whatever you want is a two way street.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11am:

Who watches the watchmen?. Show your own identity first.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @11:00

You really are a prize PC dork. A dick, even.

What a racist you are, implying that every person with a Germanic sounding name is a neo-nazi.

And a hypocrite to boot. I notice you use an untraceable gmail address and resort to use of a nom de plume.

Before you get too precious for words,tell me, what is YOUR name?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon dick / dork

Just for you from Shane Jones.

""Ching Chong Ming" On the phone, how Shane Jones referred to the Chinese millionaire on fraud charges. (aka Yong Ming Yan)"

Now off you go and flagellate yourself on his blog, if he has one.

Of course, like me, he's a good Ngati Hine boy, you know. Couldn't possible be racist - eh bro?

God, the ribs hurt.

Anonymous said...
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Psycho Milt said...

People's comments last longer if they don't play guess-the-blogger's-real-name.

Psycho Milt said...

Anyone who knows his name, email me. I'll happily distribute it far and wide. After all, freedom to say whatever you want is a two way street.

Says the transparency enthusiast posting as "Anonymous" and offering an anonymous email address. Classy.