Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do N Z Judges have to write a speech first?

Lowlife scumbag schmuk Turner,  convicted yesterday of murdering Emily will be sentenced tonight, NZ time.

That is justice as it should be for Victims of Crime and surviving family.

Oh, as an Idea, how about an actuary estimate how many years of Emily's life Turner took then make that a start point for sentence and add on for the ghastly bloody charade that defense counsel used in the "trial", lack of remorse etc. etc. as cumulative time.


Quintin Hogg said...

Most judges would like to deliver a sentence as soon as an offender is convicted.
But the sentencing act kicks in so you need probation reports, victim impact statements etc etc etc which all have the effect of slowing the process down.

Anonymous said...

Is this what can happen when kids run the household and the parents are reduced to servants? I wonder if a clip around the ear when he was 7 might have avoided all this.

Clearly an arsehole without remorse who eventually dobbed his stupid parents in. 16 years is not enough - without remorse the key should hang on the hook forever.

Exclamation Mark said...

He's a skinny, white, spoilt little rich boy who spent the last few years playing gangster in the safety of his own leafy neighbour.

When he gets into clink and runs into real gangsters, that 16 years will seem like forever - not that I don't think he should spend the rest of his life there.

His claims of still being a millionaire comes out are laughable, that money will soon run out paying off real gansters not to shank him.