Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ching Chong Ming

The other day Adolf posted commentary on the peculiarly leftist habit of enhancing one's curriculum vitae as the opportunity to cash in on 'affirmative action' benefits arises.  The heroes of this particular post were first, a blond headed blue eyed chickory Cherokee and second, a black arsed charlatan who managed to get hisself elected POTUS.

Inevitably, an anonymous commenter took umbrage at some of my colourful prose.

Lo and behold, within minutes of his comment appearing Shane Jones provided the classic rejoinder:

Ching Chong Ming" On the phone, how Shane Jones referred to the Chinese millionaire on fraud charges. (aka Yong Ming Yan)
(Well, they all sound the same, don't they?)

Hey, the whole bloody issue is about colour.  It's about giving special preference to wogs, blacks, coconuts, wops, dagos, slanty eyes, injuns, horis, poofs, abos and anyone else who is not of Caucasian extraction and from a two parent, employed family and, in particular, about the way dishonest people like Obama and Warren deliberately set out to cheat the system and steal from the long suffering tax payer.  Yep, the guy who came from a two parent, employed or employing  family which pays its taxes.

The Anonymous dick/dork commenter made one or two errors - apart from spelling:-

1  He took a swing at Adolf's nom de plume.

".........who hides behind an online handle that itself impies neo-nazi racial beliefs........"

So beware, all ye good citizens.  All people with Germanic names are Neo-Nazis. Chancellor Merkel will be so pleased to hear that, as will the descendants of those vile Mozarts, Mahlers, Bachs and Beethovens.

2  More interesting, our Dork/Dick inserted the word 'hatred' where there had been none.  You see, these guys desperately need to manufacture hatred so that they can talk gullible politicians into putting in place 'anti-hatred' legislation.  Then they can control the media by designating any dissent from their pure party line as 'hatred.'  Ask Andrew Bolt how it's done in Australia.

If you go back and read my original piece you will struggle to find evidence of hatred.  Contempt, mockery, disdain, ridicule, scorn, repugnance - yes but hatred?  No, not even a hint.

3  Dork/Dick then commits the most serious crime of blogging and asks for people who know Adolf to divulge his identity so that Dork/Dick can publish it far and wide.  This threat should produce fear and trembling in the generous Adolfian heart.  It does not.

4  The real irony is left for last when this anonymous hater of Adolf and all those who value their ability to call a spade a spade or a spic a spic puts up his untraceable e-mail address:


The dumb bastard doesn't know how funny he is.  Where did he learn it all?  Waikato University Humanities Dept?


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"haters" is a term favoured by Cam's pet queer/useful idiot on WO.