Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who is the leader of the Opposition?

Came to Parliament via Sky during Question Time, just missing most of the vertically challenged one's efforts but in time to hear Mr Speaker tell him 'that was not a Point of Order" and he, Mr Speaker could not rule on whether the answer Peters received was in order or not as the question was unintelligible, LOL.
Now during the third reading of the Taxation (international investment and remedial matters) Bill, David the third or is that the fourth, Parker, seemed to be acknowledging Red Russel as the superior one. Not much evidence of David the second or whatever his designation is.

Who is the Leader Of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition, it seemed that Speaker Smith was doing more to hold the Government to account than anyone on his left in the Chamber.


dad4justice said...

What a pathetic group of wimps.
They along with Joan Key make me feel real sick at the sight of the gutless two faced scum of the earth!!

Kiwi's are sick units to listen to these wacko nutbar pollie filth.

Johnboy said...

Couldn't have put it better myself dad!