Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where Are All The Jobs?.........

.............screamed Labour, just a few weeks ago. Remember that?

When National was proposing that dole bludgers actually should be required to work.

Well, looky here, Mabel! They're on TradeMe.

What a bastard eh? The lazy buggers might have to move away from Awanui and Coromandel and Murupara and go to where there is work.

That's the way it was for the last two hundred years and that's the way it is still, unless you're a lefty, that is. Then you are entitled to live anywhere there cannot possible be a job while the real workers pay for your booze and dope.


Anonymous said...

This is a damning indictment of the Nats. They've stuffed the economy everywhere in the country (where there has been a reduction in job ads) other than in Christchurch. There's been an increase in vacancies in Canterbury because of two massive earthquakes (which I assume were not of the government's doing, although Gerry might have tried to go for a run or something).

This is good for the Nats how? Was their mismanagement of the economy part of some grand plan? And now they're in the process of mishandling the recovery. What are they doing about the chronic shortage of accommodation in Canterbury, for example? All very well to squawk that people should move there, but there's nowhere to live and the government has buried its head in the sand. Great leadership.

Psycho Milt said...

From the linked story:

"Employers' confidence remained on tenterhooks with the economy in a weaker state than many predicted and demand for skilled workers was softening."

In other words, Christchurch switching from disaster zone to rebuilding means a dramatic increase from the unusually low number of jobs advertised there this time last year - but the rest of the country's still a basket case.

pdm said...

I started a new job last Monday:
6am to 2pm Mon to Friday
5.30am to 9am Saturday.

Got it from Trade Me although I did have some inside knowledge that it was coming up. The inside knowledge did not contribute to me getting the job.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well done.

How many cows are you milking?

Paulus said...

Have just read the job adverts in the Bay of Plenty Times.
Plenty of jobs for those who are prepared to work. Short term which can lead to longer term jobs are in the Kiwifruit packhouses. Thank goodness for the Asian polytec, students without whom there would be a greater problem. All packhouses are crying out for kiwifruit worker thence to avocado crop. But it is not a lazy persons doddle (I have packed when younger so am fully aware).
But I am also aware that Winz send youngsters along who work for 3 -4 days, make deliberate stuff ups, so get booted, then who go back on the dole.

pdm said...

Adolf - I am a bread and pie delivery person, plus a few other duties.