Sunday, April 22, 2012

TVNZ Signs Up PM

In a world first, new Zealand prime minister John Key is to host a fortnightly half hour current affairs/politics show to be screened on TV1 at 7.00 pm on Monday evenings, commencing in July and running through until the official 'election period' starts in 2014.

Naturally the programme will be titled "PM."

Both the PM and TVNZ closely guarded their negotiations until audience reaction to the pilot show could be gauged.  The first programme aired two nights ago on TV3 in the guise of 'Campbell Live' and to Adolf's knowledge this is the first time one TV channel has manged to con a competitor into producing and screening a pilot for it's forthcoming series.  A spokesman for TVNZ said the audience reaction and feed back has been 'simply stunning.'

The programme format will resemble Australia's Bolt Report and, among other things, will comprise a series of interviews between the PM and assorted journalists/opposition spokespeople who will be invited along to discuss/defend their respective presentations of the previous fortnight's political events. 

Commercially, the deal was just too good for TVNZ to turn down.  The programme is expected to exceed the combined ratings of week night's Walrus and Rodent along with the assorted gaggle of has-beens and wannabes who interview themselves ad-nauseam over the week-end.  Accordingly, Mr Key was able to present TVNZ with a fully subscribed advertisers' portfolio for the proposed show, at prices carrying a fifty percent premium on today's TVNZ prime time advertising rates.   Advertisers include Fonterra, Sky City, Shanghai Pengxin, Serco and BMW NZ.

Stay tuned


simo said...

This is awesome - will get some real debate happening into a dead zone where the punters have lost interest

Anonymous said...
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bob Hall said...

Please confirm the date is not April the first

Marc said...

My thoughts exactly bob Hall - this should have been published 23 days ago.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

bob hall and marc

Sorry, had to wait for the pilot show.