Monday, April 9, 2012

Three Cracked Fats and One Old Fart

The other day over at one of Kiwiblog's threads, there was a comment highly disparaging of the National front bench with a reference to Steven Joyce, Judith Collins and sundry others being 'incompetent.' (I'm sorry, I can't locate the original comment.)

My mind immediately flashed to the potential line up from Labour and its fellow travellers:-


Now, THAT'S incompetent!


Anonymous said...

Yes, but they're not actually in charge and ballsing up on a daily basis, like McCully, Joyce, Collins, Brownlee, Banks and co. It must give Key nightmares to know these are his go to guys eh?

dad4justice said...

Are those creeps all socialist faggots sucking on the public tit?

Joan Key and his Nat Wimps are just as pathetic.

God help NZ.

There must be a better option?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What could that be? Dad for PM?

dad4justice said...

Is there another honest man in the land Adolf?

I rest my case Sir.

SHG said...

Wow, the Labour front bench looks to have - how does the the saying go? - more chins than a Chinese phone book.

Anonymous said...

Joyce, Bennett and Brownlee are soooo fit though right?

Allan said...

They might not be fit however they have more economic nous and common sense than any of those cretins on the labour front bench. The reason the country is struggling financially is because of the ridiculous,unaffordable socialist policiies that labour govts have introduced since the early 1970's.

Psycho Milt said...

Er, what? National have governed for the majority of the 40 years since 1972, and no objective look at those govts could conclude they were significantly more competent, less spendthrift or less authoritarian than the Labour ones.

The front bench of every single govt is occupied by people with more ambition than sense - this is a given. Adolf is annoyed that people are pointing out that fact about the current govt, as it's one he supports - but he didn't hesitate to point out the same fact about the previous one.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, see Allan @ 11.07.

He'll straighten you out.

Anonymous said...

David Shearer
Grant Robertson ,
David Parker,
Annette King,
Maryan Street,
Damien O'Connor,
Phil Goff,
Phil Twyford,
Clayton Cosgrove,
Trevor Mallard,
Jacinda Ardern,
Chris Hipkins,
Clare Curran,
David Clark,
Shane Jones,
Andrew Little.
Kris Faafoi,
Darien Fenton,
Iain Lees-Galloway,
Sue Moroney,
Ross Robertson
David Cunliffe
Nanaia Mahuta,
Moana Mackey,
Charles Chauvel,
Lianne Dalziel,
Parekura Horomia,
Louisa Wall,
Rino Tirikatene,
Rajen Prasad,
Ruth Dyson,
Megan Woods,
Su'a William Sio

OK, rank the top ten going into the 2014 Elections as the heavyweights of the Labour team line-up.
Then rank the next ten to make the Cabinet up to twenty.
Then rank the next eight for a Cabinet of twenty eight.
Name five who will not stand in 2014. (leaving the rest as Cabinet material).


ps. From Cunliffe down were Cunliffe supporters in the great leadership battle.