Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shrunken Garner

Oh how he must have choked back the bile as he described the latest poll results.

These lefties passing themselves off as 'political commentators rather give themselves away with little slips like "voters don't like Sky City or Crayfar farms.' and ' John Key's astonishing vice-like grip on power.' It takes the hide of a rhino to talk such crap when you are actually announcing the very fact that the voters really do like these things.

That's why they've given National the big thumbs up!

49.8% even.

National 49.8%.....up 3.2%

Labour change

Greens 14.1%.......up 0.8%

NZF   2.3%..........down 2.7%

The poor bastards couldn't bring themselves to round off the figures.  They would have had to show National with 50% support.  And for confirmation of their bias, just have a look at the shot of PM Key which they have carefully chosen.

Another Beltway Bullshitter eats crow.



What gets me about the Crafar farms is this.
It was Uncle helen who signed us up to the Free Trade agreement with China.
Thus John Key is only obeying the law with regards to the FTA that Liarbour singed us up for.
Yet, no-one has ever mentioned Labour's involvemnent in this.
It is all made out to be National's fault.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What gets me about the Crayfar farms is this.

Why is it so bad for the little slanty-eyed chinks to own a few farms when many more are already owned by Yanks, Poms and square headed Duchies??

Psycho Milt said...

1. Because said Yanks, Poms and Dutchies buy farms so they can become farmers, not so they can secure external food sources for their country of origin.

2. Because said Yanks, Poms and Dutchies aren't fronts for murderous totalitarian dictatorships.

Psycho Milt said...

Yet, no-one has ever mentioned Labour's involvemnent in this.

Perhaps because they don't share your obsession with "Uncle Helen?" Or that the news media lacks interest in what the govts of previous decades got up to? I could go on...