Monday, April 23, 2012

Quiz Results

PM of NZ in quick with the poly.
Marc 3.
Chris 4 1/2 with his ccorrection, the 1/2 as the bridge is in the border country betwen The Mckenzie of Sth Canty and Central, wins the bragging rights
George 3 1/2,not quite close enough with the Clay Cliffs.
Cadwallader 4 and runner up.
Hp 3 1/4, definitely not Mt Iron but will be there in next few days and the bridge isn't to anywhere on this occasion.

1 The Hon Ruth Richardson whose hypebole in describing her first budget was cringeworthy but her political philosophy was in sync with mine and still is.
2 Frog Rock in the Weka Pass, Nth Canterbury.
3 The Clock on the schist rock face to the East of Alexandra, the hands designed to cope with winds to 120 Kph.
4 Cathedral or more correctly the Clay Cliffs on the North side of the Ahuriri River, viewed from the Lindis Highway west of Omarama.
5 The "Old Iron Bridge" over the Ohau River south of Twizel.
Built in the 19th century and now only has a pond under it as the mostly dry Ohau River only carries the Spilway from Ruataniwha ,100 mts to the south. It carries warning signs against jumping off into the pond below but such activity is rite of passage for the hundreds of students who attend 'The Maadi Cup" on (Sir) Max Smith's acclaimed Rowing venue west of the highway on Lake Ruataniwha.
I crossed the bridge in the early 1960s and it was my first encounter with the "blue water" created by the suspended Schist and I have a colored slide of "calender quality" to record that image.

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