Sunday, April 8, 2012


Talk about being 'Hoist with your own Petard'.     Peters (I will do anything for a headline) has excelled himself in spades with his call for heads to roll over the case of an illegal immigrant who had his citizenship revoked and yet still managed to collect a  sickness benefit from WINZ.   You can read it all here Peters calls for Heads to Roll

Problem for Peters is that this all happened back in 2008 when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs in a Labour Government.

So whose head precisely does he want to roll? .... his, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, or Ruth Dyson's as Minister of Social Welfare or Clayton Cosgrove's as Minister of Immigration and just what precisely does he have in mind for him/them .... that they resign from Parliument?

Peters, a walking 'foot in mouth' disease and not too bright at that ... guess only to be expected from someone  who apparently took 5 years to gain a low level bachelors degree.

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