Sunday, April 22, 2012

The New Auck Times

Like it's hero, the New York Times (in the tanks for Obama), The NZ Herald (in the tank for Labour) over the last few days and weeks has inflicted upon its unwary readers an unrelenting deluge of anti-government headlines.   Here is just today's dreary ration.

SkyCity theatre under threat

Herald on Sunday editorial: Pokie deal is a devil's bargain

Overseas convention centres operating at fewer staff

Hundreds of tertiary students facing serious hardship

Strangely anything which might challenge this delusional theme is either ignored or relegated to bottom left corner, somewhere in amongst classified ads.  For example, you will struggle to find in this awful rag even a mention of this week's Roy Morgan opinion poll which showed Labour's support tanking to a record low 26.5% but, more significantly, National rocketing up four and a half points to 49.5%.  (So much for The Herald's campaign to denigrate National and the John Key government). Nor will you see any hint of the total destruction and humiliation meted out by the PM to the pinko choir boy from TV3, the incomparably incompetent John Campbell.

The NYT has the same problem in the US.  In spite of it's continuous and often dishonest campaign of support for the BAJA, opinion polls are moving inexorably against the worst President in American history.


Anonymous said...

I never realised John Campbell was a pinko as you call him. I always thought he a simple idiot.

I stopped watching him shortly after the Chch EQ of September when I formed a view he was all about ratings (like all the rest) rather than reporting.

Anonymous said...

Leftie and idiot are one and the same anon.

Do TVNZ and TV3 do different shows for only Bomber to watch cause whenever I watch Q&A or The Nation, and read his reviews, he appears to have watched something completely different.

PS: It is getting very hard to prove I am not a robot. Those words are unreadable. The worst are xtra mail ones.


Simo said...

I know why I dont buy these lefty rags anymore, its the hate/denigrate slogans which to tell the truth NZ has had enough of. The left have just got this wrong, they think they inherit this moral high ground without giving a reason, not one!

Paulus said...

The Herald has become pathetic after the Ambrose affair - fancy anybody accusing one of the chosen fourth estate, who are beyond the law.
SST has just had an earful along with my cancellation.
Anything I want will be on line.
I will no longer help pay anybody's wages in the so called media.
And I am finally over them all. I am over seventy years old so its has taken a long time for us to consider them "gutter press" getting close to the News of the World.

Psycho Milt said...

You guys should just get your news stories from American RWNJ blogs, like Redbaiter does. You'll feel so much more like your prejudices are confirmed by events if you do that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Simo said...

Tonights STFU headline John Key unpopular......just tellin hatin' lies now after burying the latest Roy Morgan Poll,actually STUFF should be called STFU - so appropriate you heard it here first


How did being Obama's mouthpiece work out for the New York Times.
get those share graphs out again Adolf and the circulation figures.
I don't recall being Labour's mouthpiece working well for the SST either !
When New Zealand lacks a decent opposition, I can understand the Fourth Estate wanting to take upon that role for itself.
But it comes at a huge cost to itself in terms of sales, profits, trust and credibility.