Sunday, April 29, 2012

Inching Closer a federal election in Australia.

NZ born ALP sleasebag and union crook Craig Thompson has announced he will resign from the ALP and sit on the cross benches.

Closer and closer and closer.

The red headed Cinderella with the broken slipper will pontificate later today.

Nobody will be listening.


Doug said...

I thought the Aussies called her "Red Dog".

The Veteran said...

Actually it doesn't change the numbers overly. Thompson has made it clear he will vote with Labor.

Question. How is it that Slipper, faced with allegations of both a criminal and civil nature can be stood aside and not allowed to vote while Thompson can be dumped from the Labor caucus and still give the Govt his vote. Answer ... Labor rules.

Question. One of the reasons Windsor and Oakshott said that persuaded them to go with Labor was that they had more MPs than the coalition. Now they don't - 70 vs 71.

But I am sure they will find some weasel words to justify their maintaining support for the Gillard Govt ... and will reap their reward at the ballot box when they are consigned to the dustbin of history.