Friday, April 20, 2012


....... Bill Shearling, that is or is it David Rowler?  Hard to tell the difference.

Roy Morgan has Labour plummeting to a record disastrous low of 26.4%.  Down four points.

Despite the best efforts of The Herald and its Labour cheer leaders, National has put to bed all the beltway nonsense about internal strife and mismanagement.  The voters are not fooled by the propaganda and have delivered their verdict.  National up to a massive 23 point lead, on 49.5%.

Shearer's fate was sealed the moment he failed to discipline Mallard for his appalling behavior.  So too is Labour's fate in 2014 sealed.  It has failed to grasp the nettle and will go into the 2014 election with a retreaded version of the Clark regime.  Shearer was its last throw of the dice.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Herald and Stuff will put this up on the main page as the headline for hours on end like the prior poll. Somehow I think not.

This poll explains the dog whistle from Irishbull at the Stranded.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this poll is useless. Taken before Key and Joyce's dodgy dealings with the casino operators hit the news. Sorry chief!

Anonymous said...

What dodgy dealings?!. Only in the fevered minds of the dying opposition as they try to make themselves relevant.

Mrs Danvers

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonydork @ 8:05

So THAT'S why Labour dropped to 26%?

Paulus said...

A Rogue poll.
The media are having difficulty in actually reading the figures, because they do not agree with the result, albeit they are still trying hard to destroy the Tall Poppy Key.

Anonymous said...

He's not really a tall poppy. More like a slimy used cars salesman it appears. And not a very good one. Taken to the cleaners by casino operators.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 1.48

You got in only half right.

It was the slimy TV anchor who was taken to the cleaners by the astute and well prepared Prime Minister.