Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Batting For The other Side

Labour seems intent on recreating a younger, less competent gang than the gang which was thrown out of office in 2008.  Among a myriad of factors influencing voters, one of the prime reasons Clark and Co were rejected was that they were seen to represent narrow sectors of society.  Academics, unionists and homosexuals, the latter euphemistically referred to as 'the rainbow faction.'

Have a look at recent news stories and the current labour line up and it would appear the rainbow faction is well and truly entrenched. 

The wannabe PM:-

His newly appointed Chief of Staff

 Your new leader of The House

  Your new Minister for Health

Your new Attorney-General

Your new Minister for Sport

When you add in the trade unionists, there's not much left.  When I look through their line up, the only ones who appears to be a plain ordinary blokes are Damien O'Connor and Shane Jones.

Mallard is difficult to pigeon hole.  He's hardly academic and certainly not a left arm spinner.  


Paulus said...

The question is:-
Will New Zealanders vote for a top heavy homosexual Government ?
Or do they care.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, that is the question and I think they will hesitate.

It's not exactly 'percentage golf' on the part of Labour. No matter how talented or capable the individuals may be, they will be viewed with suspicion. Especially so, after the antics of Hughes and Carter.

Those amongst Labour's faithful who were hoping for a 'rebirth' must be watching Robertson's deceitful conniving in horror. There is something particularly abhorent about those who simply refuse to put aside personal ambition for the good of the team, no matter whose side you might support.

If they think Cunliffe will save their bacon they are dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Sterling analysis as always Adolf.

They wouldn't want too many darkies or women either though eh? They will be viewed with suspicion after the antics of Obama, Juliar Gilliard and Klark.

Mind you white heteros will also be viewed with suspicion after the antics of Joyce, Brownlee and McCully! Oh no! Head explosions all round.

Anonymous said...

The third one down ... shouldn't it read "Minister of Youth Affairs"?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 3:221

Boom Boom

James said...

Its not that they are gay that is any relevance...its that they are socialist twits...