Monday, April 30, 2012

Text Of The Day

Re hit pedestrian: What a wonderful job the two ladies did when caring for the lady hit on crossing in Tamatea (I think they were nurses). Also well done to Army Cadet with name S....... on badge who came to help with Firstaid kit. So nice to see people still help others and the young ones do still care. Bless you all.' Unattributed.

There are still caring people out there.
Note:  The cadets surname was mentioned I have chosen not to include it in this instance.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


One thing I forgot to mention in my post on ANZAC Day, Oz style, was that my Oz B-i-L invested heavily in an RSL raffle that had as its first prize a Dinner for Two.

He was chuffed when he won it, my sister even more so.    She envisaged a meal at Doyles on the Sydney Harbour.

He was a 'little' taken aback, my sister less than impressed, when he was handed an Australian Army Ration Pack for two and told "here you are Peter, get cooking".

Inching Closer a federal election in Australia.

NZ born ALP sleasebag and union crook Craig Thompson has announced he will resign from the ALP and sit on the cross benches.

Closer and closer and closer.

The red headed Cinderella with the broken slipper will pontificate later today.

Nobody will be listening.

Tolley still dumb as bag of hammers - official

In her capacity as Minister of Police, Anne Tolley says:

...this Government believes there is no place for drugs, or the supply and manufacture of any kind of drugs in our communities.

Maybe, as a big shot cabinet minister, Ms Tolley hasn't visited a supermarket in recent times.  However, even before she became a big shot, she surely must have noticed that supermarkets offer a rich and varied range of the recreational drugs alcohol and tobacco.  To correct her statement:

This government believes there is no place for drugs in our communities, except for those drugs for which there is a place in our communities.

It's this kind of clear, incisive thinking that made her such a big hit with teachers...

I'm Gonna Die Larrrfing....... inept Mallard and all the other lefties as they pursue MP John Banks..

Hell, they make Road Runner look like serious drama.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

More Cheek Than A Chinaman

No talent, little ability, no vision, ever diminishing public appeal but PLENTY of chutzpah.

Yep, that's Labour calling for John Banks to be stood down.

Am I hearing straight?  Is this the same outfit which supported those ratbags Field, Benson-Pope and Peters such a short time ago?

I'll reserve any comment on Mr Banks' affairs until there is a bit more evidence than hearsay.  Meanwhile, all I can see and smell are Mold's fingerprints and Mallard's bad breath.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Something is very wrong with the balance of the economy when in all truth only the rich get richer and the poor get even poorer.' RB



Back in NZL now as I have some work to do while Memsaab is slumming it in Perth.   Some reflections on ANZAC Day.

Got woken at 2.45 am for the drive to Nobby's Beach which is the site of the Newcastle Dawn service commencing at 5.30 am with the march beginning at 5.10 am.   About 300 veterans on parade, mostly Vietnam vets.  Told there were 7,000 there paying their tribute  but couldn't get a real handle on that as it was too dark and cold, boy was it cold with the wind whipping off the Tasman.   Generous tribute paid to NZL by the main speaker, the Lord Mayor of Newcastle.   At the conclusion of the service the gun(s) on Fort Scratchley fired four times; the first in tribute to the fallen and the next three in honour of the three services.   As that happened a large bulk carrier was leaving the port and passing about 500 meters directly below the Fort.   Hope they told the Captain of the Ship what was happening otherwise he could have been having kittens.    Interesting footnote.   On 8 June 1942 a Japanese Submarine shelled Newcastle until it was driven off by the guns from the Fort.   Didn't know that.

Couple of observations.   Clearly in Oz they still defer to the monarchy.    At the start of the service the choir sang 'God Save the Queen'.    Notable however that very few joined in.    Quite different from NZL where protocol has it that GSTQ is only played in the presence of Royalty or when the Governor General is present.   Thought it a bit pointed and in bad taste that at the end of the service and on the very large TV/Video screens scattered about appeared the advert 'Proudly sponsored by XYZ Funeral Services' ... comforted by the fact that only the good die young, I'm safe.

After breakfast and with the sun shining headed off to Wangi Wangi on the shores of Lake Macquarie where I was to be the guest speaker.   Wangi is a relatively small place and I was expecting a crowd of a couple of hundred at best.   Not so.   The Parade was headed by an RAAF contingent, followed by a Pipe Band, followed by Veterans followed by 35 WW2 vintage vehicles loaded with old Digs.   Heading the vehicles was General MacArthur's (Australian) Staff Car beautifully restored followed by a Bren Gun carrier (which I had never seen in the flesh before), assorted half tracks, jeeps, 'Puddle Jumpers' and a whole lot more.  I guess the march was about 1 km long and up a hill which would have tested some.    All along the route there were people waving and clapping and when we got to the RSL where the service was held I was amazed to see the crowd had swelled to about 1500.

The service itself was relatively short and moving.   Pretty special for me as a classmate from my Officer training days, Peter (Skeeter) Hines, is remembered on their memorial as KIA in Vietnam.   The local Federal Member, Minister Greg Combet, was represented by his Chief of Staff (he was in China) while the Mayor of Lake Macquarie City was also present.   Gave my speech which seemed to be well received and was presented with a Gallipoli Medallion by the President of the Wangi RSL.    Later in the day I was surprised to be made an Honorary Member of the RSL.    Following the speech I was taken aside by Minister Combet's CoS who asked me to confirm the information she had that the NZL Government was offering any WW2 veteran wanting to attend one of four WW2 70th Anniversary Commemoration events and who was fit enough to travel, return business class airfares to the event (Africa/Italy/Guadalcanal/DDay) plus escorts plus medical support plus accommodation food and incidentals.   I was able to do that that; she said it was an extraordinary generous gesture and Australia would be hard pressed to match it.

Then it was into the RSL.   A tight fit.   All the kids present (and there would have been 500 at least) got a bag of goodies plus free drinks while for veterans it was free drinks all day.   Full meal service supplemented by a continuous BBQ.   The RSL itself is in a superb location and the grass stretches down to the lake front where the Club  has a jetty and mini (soon to be expanded) marina.    From 1.00 pm through to 4.00 pm what is reputably Australia's biggest 2 Up School was in session with relatively large sums of money changing hands (2 UP is only legal on ANZAC Day)  .... and then in an 'interesting' gesture to sobriety the bar was shut at 4.30 pm and the Club 30 minutes later.    Everyone seemed to go home pretty happy.

ANZAC Day Oz style ... same but different and hugely enjoyable.

Anatomy of a serial rapist

From Granny:
Justin Ames Johnston
A two-time rapist has received an indefinite jail term for the attempted sexual violation of a teenage girl.

Justin Ames Johnston, 41, has been sentenced in the High Court at Wellington to preventive detention with a minimum non-parole period of six years.
Let me tell you about Justin Ames Johnston. But be warned, some of this is not pretty.

I first came across Justin in about early 1992. I was working a night shift on the North Shore of Auckland, and about 3am in the morning we followed a stolen car from Devonport heading towards Takapuna. We then chased it and after a few minutes the occupants pulled over and ran off into the harbour. We caught them all. Johnston admitted to stealing the car.

He was a "nothing" of a human being. Quite a small man. In fact back then he was just a boy - probably about 20. He was very quiet and meek. My first impression was he was new to all this and petrified after being caught driving a stolen car. I was very wrong.

When I processed him, his criminal record was something else. Page after page after page. Almost 90 convictions, from the youth court through to district court. He stole cars, committed burglaries and wrote dud cheques. You'd have never picked it.

He caught the attention of all of us and our section at the time made a conscious decision to "watch” him. That essentially meant monitoring his movements and generally giving him a hard time. He was obviously an active criminal.

My next recollection of Johnston was a few months later when I was off duty. I was driving slowly along a suburban street, and a car came from the opposite direction. As you do when you're a young, keen, police officer, you pay attention. The driver was Johnston. Yet it wasn’t his Mitisbushi Mirage with the distinctive personalised plate "Magic J", but something different. I hadn’t seen him in that car before, and as a good young cop should do, I turned around, followed him, and noted the registration plate. At the very least it could be recorded in the Intel system so we would then know what other cars he was driving. When I checked it at work a day or so later, it came back as stolen. I got him a few days later when he came in to sign on bail for some other charges he was facing.

Some months later on a nightshift, his car was never outside his house. If you’ve never worked then it’s a pretty good bet that if you’re not at home in the early hours of each morning, you’re out finding money from somewhere. And sure enough, later that week we got him, and stopped him, and some mates, in a car after breaking into houses in Omaha (North of Auckland) and stealing TVs, stereos etc. They all faced numerous burglary charges.

By this time I was convinced Johnston was set for more serious crime. He was on a spree, and during this period he was also caught peeping into a bathroom where a 16yr old girl was taking a shower.

Then came the rape.

I worked an early shift that morning in late 1993. The victim lived only a few hundred metres from Johnston and awoke to a man laying on her and tying her up. After raping her, Johnston stole her TV and Video and took off in Magic J, which was parked around the corner. But strangely the detectives could not pin anything on him. I was convinced it was him and some weeks later stopped him in Magic J wearing identical tracksuit trousers to the offender, and also a distinctive ring the offender was wearing. I took Johnston in on a warrant that was outstanding for him; took a photograph with the tracksuit trousers on; and kept the ring. I showed all this to the Ds. But still there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him.

It turned out to be very bad news he remained at large, because some months later, a young girl in Glenfield (16 or so) was abducted from her home; driven to a remote location and then raped and sodomised repeatedly.

Johnston wouldn’t be so lucky this time. He was nabbed quickly and spent 12 years in jail for the crime. But that was after a horrific trial where he made the victim give evidence for three days and relay every detail of that horrific night.

I left the police in the mid 1990’s but Johnston never left me.

In the early 2000’s, while Johnston was in jail serving time for the Glenfield rape, I was contacted by a detective who asked me about the 1993 rape and whether I remembered it. Of course I did. It turned out that as DNA technology had improved, they got a small sample from a cigarette butt left behind at the scene and it was that of Johnston’s. The police wanted me to give evidence of my stopping him with the ring on and the tracksuit trousers. I couldn’t wait.

But Johnston realised the game was up and plead guilty. He got a few more years in jail for that one, until his release in 2009. And so it was with great interest I read about him in the Herald:
In December last year, Johnston was found guilty of attempted sexual violation of the teenager.

The father of the girl discovered Johnston in the backyard the Upper Hutt property where the 16-year-old was alone in a sleepout.

Johnston claimed to have been on the suburban section intending to commit a burglary.

However, the jury of six men and six women returned a unanimous guilty verdict.

Johnston had also changed his plea to guilty on a second charge - threatening to do grievous bodily harm to the girl's father.

As the father went outside to get wood for his fire on July 19 last year, he found Johnston lurking near the sleepout and chased him, grabbing him as he tried to scale a fence.

The father put Johnston in an armlock and then applied a choker hold. But when Johnston produced a garden fork and threatened him, the father let go.

A police dog tracked Johnston through the neighbourhood and located him.

The trial was told Johnston had two rape convictions and more than two dozen for burglary.
Classic Johnston.

If there is a dictionary definition of “evil”, the name Justin Ames Johnston should appear after it. He is a very, very dangerous man and should never get out. 

If there ever was a candidate for three strikes, Magic J is it. I doubt he’ll see the light of day again, because he is not capable of reforming himself.

As the slang in downtown Los Angeles might go, he is one bad MOFO. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Keepers - Labour

What remains after the undersized, undertalented, mentally deformed and demented have been thrown back.

There are only twelve I'd keep.

From the homosexual faction, on the grounds that probably fewer than one in a hundred of the general population is homosexual, let's be generous and allow for two.

The deputy leader - Maryan Street

Well educated and experienced in both sides of employer/employee bargaining.
A past president of the party with proven leadership ability and a pleasant demeanour - vastly underutilised currently while the petulant children hog the limelight in the Labour Party play pen


Spokesman for Sport - Louisa Wall

A track record of achievement in sport.  Fresh young blood well able to connect with young people.


The rest of them are not worth keeping.

Robertson is overrated and has shown himself unable to accept the responsibility of deputy leadership.
A white anter interested only in self promotion.

Chauvelle - too small and fat - a whinger.  Should be used for burley.

From the trade union faction, on the grounds that trade unions represent fewer than fifteen percent of the workforce and probably less than five percent of the voting public, they might expect to put up two MPs.

 Spokesman for Local Government - Phil Twyford

An all round decent bloke, by all accounts.

Spokesman for  Broadcasting - Clare Curran

A slapper whose picture likely does her an injustice.  Ask Mallard who is widely reputed to have had a closer look at her pitch when the covers were off..

The rest of them are not worth keeping.

Andrew Little.  Couldn't win a Mintie if he was the only kid at the lolly scramble

Darien Fenton.  Likewise and a real nasty bitch to boot.

Sue Maroney.   A strapper who should find employment with her brother.

Iain Lees-Galloway.  Doesn't know if he's a barramundi or a barracuda.

What about the rest?

Party Leader - Shane Jones

The only one bright enough and smart enough to take it to John Key.  Good leadership experience and definitely represents a break with the politically correct Clark regime.
A Bro from Ngati Hine.  Gotta be good.

Finance spokesman - David Cunliffe

Young and bright enough to shake off the stigma of the Clark years.  Suffers from John Wayne syndrome and his ego will get in the way.  He will need to be kicked a few times by Jones.

 Primary Industries spokesman - Damien O'Connor
Anyone who can stand up to the gaggle of poofs and gang of thugs gets my vote.

State Services spokesman - Chris Hipkins

Everyone likes a boy scout

Science and Technology spokesman - Moana Mackey

Eminently qualified in 'real' science.  A bright spark

Foreign Affairs spokesman - Raymond Huo

All round clean cut guy with impeccable education and credentials.

Maori Affairs spokesman - Rino Tirikatene

Excellent legal and commercial background.
Another Bro from Ngati Hine.

Shadow House Leader- Ross Robertson

Strong career in industrial engineering.  Well liked across the political spectrum.

The rest of them are not worth keeping.

David Shearer (How could I forget him?)  Easily, when he's back in Somalia. 

David Parker still thinks the ETS is the duck's nuts.  He should be cut up and used for cray bait.

Jacinda Ardern.  Brainless flibbertygibbet with too many teeth.  Rumoured to have been very close to David Parker.

Clayton Cosgrove.  Too small.  Been hammered too many times by Crusher Collins.

Nanaia Mahuta.  Oversize.  No track record of anything, let alone ability.  Daddy's girl.

Su'a William Sio.  Small time crook caught out once too often.

Trevor Mallard.  Epitomises everything wrong with the Labour Party.   Even if you tied a large anchor around his neck you couldn't trust the bastard to drown.

Ruth Dyson.  Should be culled for age.

Parekura Horomia.   Must be due for a fatal heart attack.  By hell they could grow some bloody good water melons if they don't bury him too deep.

Ragen Prasad.   Too politically correct even for the politically correct.  A useless drone.

Kris Faafoi.   Terminally useless as a press secretary so was given a gift seat.  Contribution? Zero.

David Clark.  Failed Presbyterian minister.  My God, if he couldn't make it in that nest of socialists, Labour doesn't want him.

Megan Woods.  Appears to be past the age of spawning.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Strapping in schools was "not cruel". What a load of rubbish. At least the people had respect for their teachers and other people in the community, includingthe elderly. If the thugs of today had been dealt some discipline when necessary, they would have more respect for people in general instead of "namby pamby" society that now exists.'  Unattributed.

A bit shaky at the start and the end but it is easy to agree with the thrust of this texters message.

Market Forces In Action

Adolf once delivered an address based on the following to a church full of rabid socialists, 'peace activists' and Labour supporters.

The text for the day:-

Matthew 20:1-16

New International Version (NIV)

The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

20 “For the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard. He agreed to pay them a ten dollars[a] for the day and sent them into his vineyard.
“About nine in the morning he went out and saw others standing in the marketplace doing nothing. He told them, ‘You also go and work in my vineyard, and I will pay you whatever is right.’ So they went.
“He went out again about noon and about three in the afternoon and did the same thing. About five in the afternoon he went out and found still others standing around. He asked them, ‘Why have you been standing here all day long doing nothing?’
“‘Because no one has hired us,’ they answered.
“He said to them, ‘You also go and work in my vineyard.’
“When evening came, the owner of the vineyard said to his foreman, ‘Call the workers and pay them their wages, beginning with the last ones hired and going on to the first.’
“The workers who were hired about five in the afternoon came and each received ten dollars. 10 So when those came who were hired first, they expected to receive more. But each one of them also received ten dollars. 11 When they received it, they began to grumble against the landowner. 12 ‘These who were hired last worked only one hour,’ they said, ‘and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the work and the heat of the day.’
13 “But he answered one of them, ‘I am not being unfair to you, friend. Didn’t you agree to work for ten dollars? 14 Take your pay and go. I want to give the one who was hired last the same as I gave you. 15 Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous?’
16 “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” 

Surely I say unto you, dearly beloved, who ever said there was no biblical justification for the market economy?

You see, early in the morning the land owner thought he had enough labour to bring in the harvest.  However, he miscalculated and, as the day wore on, he realised he needed more and more workers.  His need intensified as the deadline of evening approached and, accordingly,  he was glad to pay more per hour.because he was still getting good value for his money.

That was one of the earliest recorded instances of market forces in action, along with the reciprocal greed and envy manifested today by the modern entitlement mentality trade union movement..

Yes, you're right.  Many in the congregation were unsmiling but Adolf went home with a warm inner glow of satisfaction.  God's work had been done.

An Early Public Private Partnership

Adolf went to primary school at Orauta Maori School in Northland, back when it was a functioning and highly successful school with three full time teachers and a roll exceeding one hundred.

I wonder how many Labour, Greens, Mana et al activists realise this school came to be as the result of a sophisticated Public Private Partnership?

Among its many achievements in the sixties was the highest pass rate for Maori pupils from ANY primary school in NZ for School Certificate and University Entrance; the highest entre into the professions for Maori pupils from ANY school in NZ; a choir of considerable reputation and the highest illegitimate birth rate among teens for Maori pupils from ANY school in NZ.

I have no accurate record of when the school was founded but I think it may have been in 1935 or 1936. Twenty five years later, a jubilee celebration there was addressed by the late Sir James Henare who gave an account of its genesis.

The local Maori people, many of whom spoke little or no English,  recognised the need for their children to cope and prosper in the new Pakeha world so they banded together and did a deal with the government of the day.  They offered to provide land for a school if, in return,  the Government would build a school for their kids and provide good quality teaching staff and , most importantly, a curriculum designed specifically to equip Maori children from non English speaking homes to do well in 'main stream' secondary school - then Kawakawa District High School.  .  Thus was the school born.

It is staggering that modern day socialists are so stupid they oppose such an arrangement.

The quality of education was excellent, delivered by teachers such as Molly Leyland, Miss Wowatai, Tam Lambert, Hotu Kuru, Perie Cherrington, Bruce Pattie, Whare and Maude Isaacs - to name a few.

Sadly, sometime after Adolf moved on to secondary school, the do-gooders came along and declared that it was a crime to have separate curricula and so the school was forced to adopt the 'one for all' general curriculum.  From then on, it was all downhill and a few years ago the school closed amid acrimony and bullshit from various venal individuals wanting to grab the land.

Never forget though, for many decades little Orauta Maori School was a shining example of  a mighty successful Public Private Partnership - created by intelligent and astute Maori leaders of the day.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Labour's Cloth Cappers

An earlier post looked at the unrepresentative preponderance of homosexuals in the current  and likely Labour lineup.  Take a look now at the other major faction, the union stooges.   Remember, unions represent just fifteen percent of the work force, many of whom would not vote Labour but are conscripted into providing financial support to this dying party.

Meet your new:

Minister for Labour

Minister for Transport

Minister for Broadcasting

Minister for Women's Affairs

Minister for Defense

Minister for ACC

If there are some I've missed, they must have taken care to not mention their union activity/affiliation in their little biographic spiels.

The big surprise was Clayton Cosgrove who looks like a thug, sounds like a thug but appears to not have been a union organiser.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`When I was young I used to ask my parents "where are you going"? And they would say "up the river in a matchbox".' Unattributed.

In my case it was either "to see a man about a dog" or "up the booaye shooting Pukekos"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Never A Truer Word

Chris Trotter has excelled himself with a diatribe against matters military and conservative.

It's quite difficult to read this stuff and not wonder whether Hitler and Tojo ever existed.

Trotter concluded thus:-

".......... But it is long past time that those of us who are left grew up."

Adolf left a quiet comment which, so far, remains in moderation.  Somehow, I don't think Trotter will get it.

"Never a truer word, Mr Trotter.  Never a truer word."

Batting For The other Side

Labour seems intent on recreating a younger, less competent gang than the gang which was thrown out of office in 2008.  Among a myriad of factors influencing voters, one of the prime reasons Clark and Co were rejected was that they were seen to represent narrow sectors of society.  Academics, unionists and homosexuals, the latter euphemistically referred to as 'the rainbow faction.'

Have a look at recent news stories and the current labour line up and it would appear the rainbow faction is well and truly entrenched. 

The wannabe PM:-

His newly appointed Chief of Staff

 Your new leader of The House

  Your new Minister for Health

Your new Attorney-General

Your new Minister for Sport

When you add in the trade unionists, there's not much left.  When I look through their line up, the only ones who appears to be a plain ordinary blokes are Damien O'Connor and Shane Jones.

Mallard is difficult to pigeon hole.  He's hardly academic and certainly not a left arm spinner.  

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`All those fracking letters, a prime example of repition of credible lies!' Unattributed

Not Even ANZAC Day..... sacred for the appalling Herald.

The misrepresentation and lies continue with today's effort outdoing even Mallard at his most malicious.

The headline and intro:-

Power price rises main fear over asset sales bill

Struggling families will suffer because of higher power prices as a result of the Government's "mixed ownership model"

No evidence is provided to support this startling claim.

Perhaps that's because, like the global warming scam, the hard data confounds the leftist theory.  The world is not warming and power price increases were at their worst when an avaricious Labour government was raping the poor and struggling families of new Zealand by way of exorbitant dividends from power companies which were then flung down various black holes such as Wananga and the purchase of Helen Clark's current UN job.

The herald goes on to perpetuate the lies spread by Molly Melhuish - claiming to have data which proves families will pay 265 more each year under partial private ownership.  Unfortunately for Ms Melhuish, she was thoroughly debunked yesterday by David Farrar who simply and brilliant produced solid evidence to the contrary.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


First Jock Anderson, who some describe as a journalist, opens his big gob and puts both feet in. Now newby mp from Dunedin North, presumably looking for relevance, calls for mondayising of ANZAC Day on the eve of the day that is IMHO, the most sacred day on the NZ callender. I accept that Mr Clark(e) is entitled to an opinion but his timing is appalling. I guess his political leanings will be seen as an excuse.

Half Truth, Sleight of Hand and Just Plain Lies

Here's a disturbing headline from Stuff.

Crafar purchase raises Fonterra fears

Here was I thinking Fonterra was weighing in on the Crayfar farm purchase.

Not so it seems.  Now look at the introductory paragraph:-

Cashed-up foreign land buyers like Shanghai Pengxin could take over the profits from New Zealand's largest company, it is feared.  
Nowhere in this misleading piece of the journalist's art does anyone tell you who it is who fears the take over of profits.  You  need to read quite a way through to find out  these 'fears' are simply the ranting of one Helen Kelly.  Where have I heard that name before?

What a load of tripe.

Ah well.  Makes a change from The New Auck Times.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Driving to work at 3am I saw 6 to 8 teenagers walking along the road. Why are they out at that hour of the day? It did not look like they were picking up rubbish or cleaning shop windows.'. Unattributed

More likely to be breaking windows I suspect.

Of Course They Wouldn't, Would They?

I was just wondering..........

...... how many of this rabble were dressed in clothing and footwear made in China and sold by The Warehouse?

Great News, Tragic Headline

I see the formation of a new 'mega-ministry' is to save the long suffering tax payer between $7 million and $11 million per year.  Such a saving is not to be sneezed at in these days of economic stringency.

Unless you write headlines for The Herald, that is........

New ministry to cost 130 jobs

Adolf wonders how long APN would put up with employing 260 people to do the work of 130.


Nau Mai, Haire Mai tena kota, tena kota, tena kota katau ..... so starts the speech I will be delivering at the ANZAC service on the shores of the beautiful Lake Macquarie tomorrow morning.    A speech that hopefully will some way to repair the damage done to our ANZAC relationship with Australia by the totally disrespectful and cringeworthy mouthing by Jock Anderson in a Radio NZ discussion about a new book by former Australian Army officer Graham Wilson,

In the book 'Bully Beef and Balderdash'  Wilson questions myths surrounding Australia's WW1 and WW2 volunteer forces.

Anderson took it a step further and told the panel "The Aussies have been reluctant soldiers at the best of times and they've been essentially lazy bludgers, some of them excellent black marketeers, scavengers, poachers and thieves".    He then proceeded to really excel himself  "Occasionally they've actually been quite good soldiers but there is no way they can, in my opinion, hold a candle to the Kiwis".

If Anderson was stupid enough to think his comments would remain unreported across the Tasman then he was mistaken.   The papers and airwaves are full of it and generally the comment is far more restrained than I would have expected.    The Australian Defence Minister, Stephen Smith, hit the nail on the head when he said last night that "Mr Anderson would come to regret his comments .... they were disrespectful to those who fought on both sides of the Tasman".

So what do we know of Jock Anderson.   Has he ever served? answer, No.   So where did he gain this insightful knowledge of the Aussie soldier.  Well, according to the NBR, Anderson said he formed the opinion talking to unnamed sources in various RSAs around New Zealand.    Really, and just how many beers did he buy to get someone to come up with those little gems?

Dr Stephen Clarke, military historian and Chief Executive of the RNZRSA, summed it up when he said in a statement responding to Anderson's mouthing "Broad, inflammatory and unsupported statements is not history,"

As for the thieving bit, hullo pot, this is kettle.   Kiwi's have been known to indulge just a tad (or more).   Some of you will have read my story on the 'Great Nui Dat Beer heist' where a number of soldiers I was privileged to commend successfully plundered the Australian Armed Forces Canteen Council's main liquor store at the Nui Dat base to the tune of several hundred cartons of beer ... and were never caught.  

Australian soldiers are every good (and bad) as their Kiwi counterparts.   Anderson's comments in the lead up to ANZAC Day are cringeworthy and to be deplored.   They do not reflect well on his reputation as an historian    And when I am asked to defend them tomorrow (and I will be) I will say just that. 

Getting in early for ANZAC Day

Yesterday I went to a spiel by Prof. Glyn Harper, about the work being done on the Centenary History of New Zealand and the First World War.  It's a joint project between Massey University, the NZ Defence Force and the RSA.  The aim is to produce the definitive history of NZ's involvement in WW1, to make it readable for the non-scholarly, and to make it a thematic work of at least 10 volumes.  Glyn Harper's writing the first volume on the New Zealand soldier in WW1 and NZDF historian John Crawford will write one on the NZ Expeditionary Force.  There's more about it in this press release.

The reason I'm blathering on about it here is that funding to date from Massey and NZDF covers only four volumes, so there's a fundraising campaign to cover the remainder.  If you're inclined to help out with this worthwhile project, you can make a donation to help fund it via the Massey Foundation.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`The Tories have, and are, taking our country down the drain - assets gone, wages gone, people gone.' WCE.

Is this confirmed by the two recent polls which have National polling at 49.5% (RM) and 49.8% (TV3) and John Key on 44.2% as preferred Prime Minister.

I don't think so.

Inscrutable, Just Bloody Inscrutable,

hattip Andrew Bolt

Australian PM Julia Gillard today in Singapore will have an orchid named after her.

The binomial nomenclature of this particular variety is:-

Dendrobium bigibbum.

...which, of course, every keen student of Latin knows to mean something akin to 'gluteus maxima' to the power of ten or in Australian, just plain 'fat arse.'

God knows what the Singaporeans  would choose for Mr Slipper.

Quiz Results

PM of NZ in quick with the poly.
Marc 3.
Chris 4 1/2 with his ccorrection, the 1/2 as the bridge is in the border country betwen The Mckenzie of Sth Canty and Central, wins the bragging rights
George 3 1/2,not quite close enough with the Clay Cliffs.
Cadwallader 4 and runner up.
Hp 3 1/4, definitely not Mt Iron but will be there in next few days and the bridge isn't to anywhere on this occasion.

1 The Hon Ruth Richardson whose hypebole in describing her first budget was cringeworthy but her political philosophy was in sync with mine and still is.
2 Frog Rock in the Weka Pass, Nth Canterbury.
3 The Clock on the schist rock face to the East of Alexandra, the hands designed to cope with winds to 120 Kph.
4 Cathedral or more correctly the Clay Cliffs on the North side of the Ahuriri River, viewed from the Lindis Highway west of Omarama.
5 The "Old Iron Bridge" over the Ohau River south of Twizel.
Built in the 19th century and now only has a pond under it as the mostly dry Ohau River only carries the Spilway from Ruataniwha ,100 mts to the south. It carries warning signs against jumping off into the pond below but such activity is rite of passage for the hundreds of students who attend 'The Maadi Cup" on (Sir) Max Smith's acclaimed Rowing venue west of the highway on Lake Ruataniwha.
I crossed the bridge in the early 1960s and it was my first encounter with the "blue water" created by the suspended Schist and I have a colored slide of "calender quality" to record that image.

Logical Fallacy-Based Reform

A particularly stupid opinion piece endorsed by DPF reminded me that I'd meant to blog more on this subject, having read attempts by Gabriel Makhlouf and Hekia Parata to make some kind of argument for the govt's attacks on the education system.

Makhlouf's arguments in an interview for the NZ Listener are so poor it hurts.  I can't imagine he's got that job through being a simpleton, so can only assume he thinks the rest of us are simpletons.  Let's look at his points:

1. "The current system is failing."  His evidence for this is that "three out of 10 people leave school without NCEA level 2."  However, this is actually evidence the system works, if it's evidence of anything. If we had a high school qualification that 10 out of 10 pupils achieved, it would be a completely worthless qualification that no-one anywhere would take seriously.  NCEA gets enough flak already, without making it achievable by 100% of the school population. 

2. The cause of this supposed "failure" is as follows: "I think all the evidence that we've got is that there is actually a teacher-quality issue."  Well, this would come as a great surprise to experts in the field, who've found that factors external to the school have by far the biggest impact on pupil performance.  Amazingly, given this assertion is the whole basis for the advice Makhlouf is offering the government, the Listener doesn't get him to describe all this "evidence" that contradicts the experts.  The only hint given is a sidebar that mentions "...we have the largest variation in student achievement within schools, suggesting it isn’t just the poorest schools that have a problem."  The variation within schools is minimal compared to the variation between deciles, so if that really is Makhlouf's "evidence," cabinet ministers would be wise to get a second opinion on all his advice.

3.  We should increase class sizes to reduce the number of teachers, thus freeing up money to pay the best teachers more. Evidence for this is that research shows teacher quality is more important than class size in determining how well the pupils do. This one's a classic logical fallacy, ie "teacher quality is more important than class size" does not equal "class size doesn't matter." It also leaves a very big question unanswered:  how the "low quality" teachers to be dismissed, and the "high quality" teachers to be rewarded out of the cash saved, are yet to be identified.

That big question is more Hekia Parata's territory, so the Listener interviews her too.  Being a politician, Parata offers nothing concrete the way Makhlouf does, just an airy confidence that performance pay and charter schools will make things better.  After all, with powerful arguments like Gabriel Makhlouf's for logical-fallacy-based reform, how could it possibly fail?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

TVNZ Signs Up PM

In a world first, new Zealand prime minister John Key is to host a fortnightly half hour current affairs/politics show to be screened on TV1 at 7.00 pm on Monday evenings, commencing in July and running through until the official 'election period' starts in 2014.

Naturally the programme will be titled "PM."

Both the PM and TVNZ closely guarded their negotiations until audience reaction to the pilot show could be gauged.  The first programme aired two nights ago on TV3 in the guise of 'Campbell Live' and to Adolf's knowledge this is the first time one TV channel has manged to con a competitor into producing and screening a pilot for it's forthcoming series.  A spokesman for TVNZ said the audience reaction and feed back has been 'simply stunning.'

The programme format will resemble Australia's Bolt Report and, among other things, will comprise a series of interviews between the PM and assorted journalists/opposition spokespeople who will be invited along to discuss/defend their respective presentations of the previous fortnight's political events. 

Commercially, the deal was just too good for TVNZ to turn down.  The programme is expected to exceed the combined ratings of week night's Walrus and Rodent along with the assorted gaggle of has-beens and wannabes who interview themselves ad-nauseam over the week-end.  Accordingly, Mr Key was able to present TVNZ with a fully subscribed advertisers' portfolio for the proposed show, at prices carrying a fifty percent premium on today's TVNZ prime time advertising rates.   Advertisers include Fonterra, Sky City, Shanghai Pengxin, Serco and BMW NZ.

Stay tuned


Iran flaunts captured Sopwith Camel it plans to copy.

Just in time to go up against the opposition's brand new Supermarine Spitfire.

Shrunken Garner

Oh how he must have choked back the bile as he described the latest poll results.

These lefties passing themselves off as 'political commentators rather give themselves away with little slips like "voters don't like Sky City or Crayfar farms.' and ' John Key's astonishing vice-like grip on power.' It takes the hide of a rhino to talk such crap when you are actually announcing the very fact that the voters really do like these things.

That's why they've given National the big thumbs up!

49.8% even.

National 49.8%.....up 3.2%

Labour change

Greens 14.1%.......up 0.8%

NZF   2.3%..........down 2.7%

The poor bastards couldn't bring themselves to round off the figures.  They would have had to show National with 50% support.  And for confirmation of their bias, just have a look at the shot of PM Key which they have carefully chosen.

Another Beltway Bullshitter eats crow.

Abject Nonsense From TVNZ

Here's the headline:-

Government cooling on SkyCity deal

Can you find any hint in the transcript to justify this headline dredged from the fevered imagination of some Labour Party lackey serving his or her internship in the state owned news room?

Must be a slow news week at TVNZ as well as TV3.

Lke the PM, Steven Joyce has simply pointed out to a few excitable journalists some simple facts of life.

The deal is not yet done.

And that's supposed to be 'cooling'?



The New Auck Times

Like it's hero, the New York Times (in the tanks for Obama), The NZ Herald (in the tank for Labour) over the last few days and weeks has inflicted upon its unwary readers an unrelenting deluge of anti-government headlines.   Here is just today's dreary ration.

SkyCity theatre under threat

Herald on Sunday editorial: Pokie deal is a devil's bargain

Overseas convention centres operating at fewer staff

Hundreds of tertiary students facing serious hardship

Strangely anything which might challenge this delusional theme is either ignored or relegated to bottom left corner, somewhere in amongst classified ads.  For example, you will struggle to find in this awful rag even a mention of this week's Roy Morgan opinion poll which showed Labour's support tanking to a record low 26.5% but, more significantly, National rocketing up four and a half points to 49.5%.  (So much for The Herald's campaign to denigrate National and the John Key government). Nor will you see any hint of the total destruction and humiliation meted out by the PM to the pinko choir boy from TV3, the incomparably incompetent John Campbell.

The NYT has the same problem in the US.  In spite of it's continuous and often dishonest campaign of support for the BAJA, opinion polls are moving inexorably against the worst President in American history.

You kids get off my lawn!

Under the previous Labour govt, right-wing bloggers used to quack on about "nanny state," utterly oblivious to the fact that National govts are equally full of such "mother/father knows best" types.

For an example, look no further than National MPs Tim Macindoe, Jackie Blue and John Banks (do you want to pretend he's not one?  Really?).  These three are backing raising the alcohol purchase age to 20, or even worse, enacting some kind of split purchase age level so that... so that... well, I'm fucked if I know what the aim of it is apart from making the law a lot more complicated.  It seems to be one of those compromises in which you choose the most stupid, pointless, expensive and difficult option exactly and only because you get to call it a compromise.

These pompous do-gooders cite "overwhelming public support" for raising the age.  Well, duh. It's no skin off my nose to support a law that only affects other people - why wouldn't it have overwhelming public support, given the small proportion of the population it's going to affect?  I expect a poll tax on Chinese immigrants used to have overwhelming public support for exactly the same reason.  What counts is how much support this law change has among the citizens it will apply to - I haven't seen any figures on that, but I'm willing to bet "overwhelming support" wouldn't be an apt description.

This will be an interesting conscience vote - it will tell us who in Parliament has the integrity to stand up against the practice of picking on a minority for the sake of being seen to do something about a problem.  (Except in the case of Winston First MPs - this proposal is actually a very close fit with their "You kids get off my lawn!" policy, so they probably won't go with a conscience vote).  Happily, it will also tell us which MPs are such cowardly weasels that they'd inflict by far the worst option on us for the sake of being able to say they reached a compromise.

KNOW YOUR COUNTRY Sunday 22nd April

Quote of the Week

From Mark Steyn, on the Colombian hooker scandal:-

. “Some of them were saying they didn’t know they were prostitutes,” explained Congressman Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.
“Some are saying they were women at the bar.”
Amazing to hear government agents channeling Dudley Moore in Arthur: “You’re a hooker? I thought I was doing so well.” It turns out U.S. Secret Service agents are the only men who can walk into a Colombian nightclub and not spot the professionals. Are they really the guys you want protecting the president?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`The Governments Remuneration Authority needs to go - its too convenient for all of the "fat cats". Either that or we should all work under the same principle. That would put a smile of our faces.' Unattributed.

Were The Cops White?

If this had been Florida there would be a major media beat up, with the President weighing in to take the side of the little black buggers who were up to no good.

Question:   Will Gillard be able to keep her nose out of it?

Question:   How long will it take for some academic to make the point that it really is all Tony Abbott's fault?

Question:   Where were the parents of the FOURTEEN year old driver, at four o'clock in the morning, for God's sake?

Friday, April 20, 2012


....... Bill Shearling, that is or is it David Rowler?  Hard to tell the difference.

Roy Morgan has Labour plummeting to a record disastrous low of 26.4%.  Down four points.

Despite the best efforts of The Herald and its Labour cheer leaders, National has put to bed all the beltway nonsense about internal strife and mismanagement.  The voters are not fooled by the propaganda and have delivered their verdict.  National up to a massive 23 point lead, on 49.5%.

Shearer's fate was sealed the moment he failed to discipline Mallard for his appalling behavior.  So too is Labour's fate in 2014 sealed.  It has failed to grasp the nettle and will go into the 2014 election with a retreaded version of the Clark regime.  Shearer was its last throw of the dice.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`What is up with some tradesmen? You read their ad, we want work and when we ring them they say sorry your job is too small. Do they just want the big money? Please say no small jobs in your ad!' Unattributed.

Is this a Hawkes Bay phenomenon or is it New Zealand wide?

Thats alright then

Would the Tv network that has been trying for days to make something out of how the Prime Minister has condemned many to penury by encouraging more opportunities at Sky City, incidentally not many of those disadvantaged among us who have a problem with "pokoies" will ever go there, be the same two channels that week on week promote "Lotto".

I would warrant that more "families at risk" will drop money they desperately need down the toilet in the vain hope of winning a million or two at the Lotto Shop than will ever even know where to go to access Sky City machines.

To get an international convention center at no cost to taxpayers and or rate payers when both those groups will gain additional revenue from the gambling and the enhanced ratable values, as will the wider community throughout the country, must be an inspired move.