Friday, March 30, 2012

A WOF Every Six Months To Go?

I hope so.

It is an established fact that "operating an unwarrantable Vehicle" is a Traffic violation.

Having a 50mm square sticker on a vehicle is not evidence of its mechanical soundness.

How often within weeks or on occasions days or even hours a "passed" vehicle is no longer warrantable.

An annual inspection and placing the onus on the driver to ensure any vehicle taken on a road is compliant should suffice with the annual assessment concentrating on the more obscure things that are unable to be seen with "a walk around" such as any aircraft pilot will perform before any take off.

Most of the alarm being raised seems to be coming from the beneficiaries of the six month rort ie those making a living from the system and are threatened with a reduction in work.


Tinman said...

Not a fan of an blanket extension in time between WoFs, pariculrly for older cars, altered vehicles and imports.

I see far too many unsafe vehicles out there now.

Wouldn't mind the 12 month thing being extended to the first 10 years, original owner only, of a NZ new vehicle though.

I expect this new idea does not cover commercial passenger vehicles which will still need a six month CoF (and meter check), or, at least I bloody hope it doesn't.

Simo said...

Its always been a rort, 1 year would be fine, 6 months when you have company cars etc just is unnecessary especially when they are less than 7 years old.