Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vale Margaret Whitlam AO

A truly great Australian has died at the age of ninety two.

Adolf well remembers her impact on politics and Australian life during the 1970s. Sure, she was on the other side but she was an absolute cracker. I never realised she had represented Australia at the Empire Games.

Here's an excerpt from Malcolm Farr's obituary:-

The month of the election triumph she wrote in her diary: "What am I to do? Stay in a cage - wide open to view, of course - and say nothing? That's not on, but if I can do something good I'll certainly try."

She had soon taken on a television program and started writing a column for the Women's Day magazine. Those activities sat alongside her continued advocacy of women's rights and social issues.

She told biographer Susan Mitchell: "I came to represent all the ungainly people, the too-tall ones, the too-fat ones, and the housebound, as I had once been, who'd never get the chance to go to China or Buckingham Palace, and who experienced it through me."



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The disgraceful tabloid NZ Herald, in it's 'World - Australia' section carries not a mention of this event.


Anonymous said...

Able to kick start a Jumbo Jet Airliner - an early description during Goff's time as PM