Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time To Nix Nick

Update 2:05

Nick Smith has resigned all his portfolios and his resignation has been accepted.

There is always a silver lining.

Adolf has watched with interest as the Nick Smith debacle develops.

Coverage at Whaleoil has been vitriolic as the enmity of a pathetic generational family feud erupts. You could almost hear the squeals of delight from the mud hole in the corner.

The focus on Michelle Boag is a childish sideshow. All the scrutiny should be aimed at Nick Smith who, from what I can see, has acted in an extraordinarily foolish and ham-fisted way.

Whatever his positive attributes might be, they have been eclipsed. His conduct in this affair does not give one confidence he has what it takes to be a cabinet minister. If he can make such gross error of judgement in this case, when will he make the next one and it what way will it damage the country and the reputation of its government?

Seems to me he should by now have tendered his resignation to the PM and in due time, a few days or so, the PM should accept it.

Such a resignation would be politically useful. With the most strident supporter of the ETS relegated to the back benches, it will be relatively easy for John Key to repeal the legislation and disestablish the ETS in a year or so, by which time, newly elected Australian PM Tony Abbott will have nixed Gillard's appalling carbon tax and its associated ETS.


Paulus said...

silly boy (we all do silly things).

Not a Taito Philip Field, but worthy of a Lianne Dalziel.
Suspension of ministerial post is called for.

Tinman said...

Perhaps first, Adolf, you can tell me why writing a letter telling of his historical perception of Pullar's health and wellbeing is wrong.

While formulating the answer Adolf, except for the theft of a taxpayer-funded piece of paper (and probably the use of a tax-payer funded typist) forget the letterhead bullshit, it doesn't count for sfa in this argument.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Suggest you read Dr Smith's statement to Parliament and the PM's reply to a question from the Opposition Leader.

Anonymous said...

Adolf for Nick's replacement?

Anonymous said...

Repeal the ETS?
Upset all the leeches and iwi parasites?
Damage our clean green image?
Never happen. Won't happen even if the rest of the world dumped their own schemes.

WAKE UP said...

Who really cares about this insulated-from-real-life-lifetime-on-a-pig's-back plonker?