Saturday, March 3, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Lucy Lawless living up to her name "lawless". One wonders how these protesters travel. Do they ride bicycles or horses or sail the oceans on a raft? Unattributed.

Not bloody likely texter. They almost certainly fly up at the pointed end of planes and drive gas guzzling cars.

By the way haven't heard anything of them since their trespassing on the boat ended. Were they all remanded in custody pending their trials? If not why not.


Judge Holden said...

Why would they be remanded in custody? What a waste of taxpayers' money that would be. Of course on planet tory, the state spending money on locking people up without trial is faboo, money spent on poverty alleviation is kommunis'!

The Veteran said...

Judge ... once again you make yourself look stupid with your hyperbole.

The 'State' doesn't lock people up.

In NZL that is a decision of an independent judiciary.

It's only in countries governed by the fascist Right or the totalitarian Left where that happens.

But I can understand your hankering for that to happen.


Judge Holden said...

Are you serious? The state doesn't lock people up?

The judiciary is an arm of the state. The taxpayers through the state fund the prisons. The state (mostly) owns and operates the prisons. The government determines and sets corrections policy and the allowable sentences for those convicted and appoints the judges.

Your being spectacularly wrong doesn't change the fact that pdm likes to waste taxpayers' money on having the state lock up without trial non-dangerous people he doesn't like without trial.

The Veteran said...

Judge ... the independence of the judiciary from the executive arm of Government is a central tenant of democratic government.

It is the judicial system that locks people up.

Clearly the nuance is too much for you to understand.

Judge Holden said...

The judiciary is an arm of the state. Are you saying it's not? Its independence is bounded (stop me if this is getting too complicated). pdm wants it to spend taxpayers' money locking up people without trial whom he doesn't like.