Friday, March 16, 2012

Shearer's Speech

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Roy Morgan reports National's lead over labour just boomed out to 18.5 percentage points. Farrar's burbling on about it being a hung parliament but nobody seriously imagines that motley gang of misfits Labour, Mana, Greens and NZFirst could ever govern.

Not even John Armstrong's praise can make a damp squib into anything other than a damp squib.Link
The speech was long on fluff and short on substance with NBR summing it up succinctly as Candy Floss. What a pity. What an opportunity lost.

It was just the same old same old tax and spend with just the real sillies of the 2011 election campaign removed. If that was a move to the right then Labour will be tripping over its left foot for a long time.

I measure Shearer's success by the way he makes me feel about Labour. Here I was, actually looking forward to being able to view Labour with some respect. Never in a million years would I vote for them but it would be good for New Zealand if they could command some broadly held respect.

Such was the case in 1972 with one Edward Gough Whitlam whose intellect and powers of oratory gained him the respect and admiration of Australians right across the political spectrum. As a Liberal Party branch vice president, I worked my arse off to get our man into the seat of Stirling and we succeeded, in an election where nationally the Libs were tossed out on their arse as Australia's second worst PM, Billy McMahon, was thrashed.

The many nefarious and cynical actions of Helen Clark and her gang of crooks destroyed the Labour Party's respect within the broad community and David Shear's job is to rebuild that respect.

His speech today did nothing to rebuild anything. Just more of the same with more of the same old gang still hanging around.



The question for Liarbour is will it be the workers party or the shirkers party?

Judge Holden said...

If it's the "shirkers" party you'll be represented in Parliament at last eh Fairy? Still job-seeking are you?