Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quiz March 25th


Chris Bird said...

Gee you have made it tough this week, GD.
Only one I know is 4, which is Motunau Island, just off the coast at Motunau Beach, North Canterbury. I grew up here as a kid, my Dad had a farm in the Returned Soldier settlement only a few ks from the beach.

Marc said...

1. Sir Denis Blundell
2. Cricket pavillion, Le Bons Bay (guess)
3. The Boot Tree, Heaphy Track
4. Motunau Island
5. Curio bay, Southland

homepaddock said...

I second Chris re this week's being tough.

1. well medalled gent.
2. Sport pavillion where users have access to water/or in a wet summer.
3. Those boots aren't made for walking.
4. If Chris and Marc are right I dived near there but so long ago i didn't recognise it.
5. Umm.

Allan said...

1 Sir Denis Blundell; GG.
2. A familiar sight but I'm stuck with remembering where it is. It looks like one I have played at too.
3. Boot Tree on the Heaphy.
4. motunau Island.
5. A fossilised tree at Curio Bay.

Anonymous said...

1 A former GG
2 Cricket Ground...Geraldine?
3 Heaphy Track
4 Green Island
5 Curio bay, petrified forest.


Anonymous said...

In agreement on 1 & 5, but nothing on the rest.

1. Sir Denis Blundell
2. ? I helped build an almost identical athletic clubrooms in the central N.I. 40 years ago, but in less attractive surroundings.
3. ?
4. ?
5. Petrified forest, Curio Bay