Monday, March 26, 2012

quiz answers

Apologies a little late again. Enjoyed a great 4 WD trip under Te Kooti In Nth Canterbury with Amuri Lions and a bit late back to a connection.
Agree Chris, it was a lot obscure. The only settler I recall on that settlement was the Late Teddy Robbins ex RNZAF.
Marc first in with Four
Homepaddock as usual a merit for analysis Diving at Motanau would require a boat and go a couple of Miles south off "Seaview", good paua and crays at low tide when I worked on that property in the early 60s.
Allan a solid four, Cadwallader and Rosco commended.

1 Sir Dennis Blundell a good bugger GG, came to Waipara School when our girls were there in the mid/late 60s. He signaled a maturing state of our Nation in that he was not a 'Pom" as Freyberg was almost another UK person although NZ born and educated, he returned to "The Old Country" following his retirement, Blundell was entirely a Kiwi, Wellington Lawyer as I recall.
2 Yes I guess you had to be there. The Cheviot Cricket ground on what would have been the front lawn of the Mansion House on Cheviot Hills built by Ready Money Robinson and destroyed by fire in the 1930s. The pavilion steps were the front steps of the house and the foundations can be viewed today some under the pavilion. The very picturesque ground set in acres of mature exotic trees is a little constrained cricketwise and a sports jock said of it once that "it was the only ground he ever played on where one could field in the gully and be standing in it at the same time".
3 The Boot Tree on the Heaphy Track.
4 Motanau Island off the mouth of the Motanau Stream in North Canterbury, 18 Kms East of Greta Valley. A wonderfully safe children's beach with a feeling one could walk to the island at low tide.
5 I thought this might have been harder than it turned out. The Petrified Forest. in The Catlins. Just a little East of the most Southern land of the SI at Stope Point.


smttc said...

Bernard Freyberg was not born in New Zealand. He was born in England (Richmond, Surrey).

Sir Arthur Porritt was the first person to be appointed Governor General who was actually born here.

Allan said...

Damn, I know I had played there.

gravedodger said...

@ smttc, thankyou, I assumed wrongly as it turns out he was born in NZ as I knew he was a pupil at Wellington College. I bypassed Porrit as he had made his adult life in the UK where he was an attending physician to the Royal Family. Would I be correct in saying Blundell was the first "real Kiwi" GG.
Thanks for the assist.
@Allan, it is indeed a place of beauty.
I was a shepherd on the remnant Cheviot Hills c1967/1969 and often drove through the Cheviot Hills Domain on the TEA that was my "Hack".

Chris Bird said...

GD, My Dad, John Bird had the farm he named Parkdale next to Teddy Robbins towards the coast. There were also Ray Andrew in the homestead block, Sid Poulter, Laurie Pickering, who became an MP, and a 6th settler whos name I cant recall at the moment. Dad sold out in 1960 to Tom Burrows I think, and went to Waihaorunga, in from Waimate.

gravedodger said...

Thanks for the feed back Chris, Yes of course Hon H L "Laurie" Pickering, was at college with his sons and first encountered him when he did a midday segment on the then Nat Radio before his Political life took off. Never Knew Ray Andrew but played golf at Scargill with his widdow. Knew Tom Burrows well, his Wife was in my parents orbit somehow.