Sunday, March 25, 2012


It was a great night for Queensland and the Liberal/National Party.   At a national level Ms Gillard should be very very afraid.   Brand Labor is toxic.   The magnitude of their defeat surpassed even the most pessimistic predictions of Labor insiders.

A number of commentators on the night called out Labor for running a negative and personal attack campaign on Campbell Newman and his family alleging financial improprieties against them.   Clearly it backfired big time when the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission found there was no case to answer and Ms Bligh admitted she had no evidence to support her claims.   Now Labor is turning on itself.    Retiring Labor Cabinet Minister Stephen Robertson described the attack campaign as ‘‘terrible’’ and blamed Labor’s inner sanctum, including Bligh, her ousted deputy Andrew Fraser, attorney-general Paul Lucas and their advisers for the debacle.

With latest projections having Labor with just 7 seats in the 89 member parliament it will be fascinating to see whether Campbell Newman is prepared to forgive and forget and waive the requirement that a Party has to have a minimum of ten seats to be officially recognised as a Party and entitled to enhanced parliamentary support.    My advice, don't.   Politics isn't about being 'nice'.    Labor screwed up big time and doesn't deserve any sympathy.

Light relief on the night was provided by Bob Katter speaking from the Tally Room.    He sure sez a lot but figuring out what he means is a mission.   Like this one 'My Party stands firmly in the market place against market forces'.    Seems his Party is an coalition of fruit loops combining the worst of Rob Muldoon, Winston First and Pauline Hanson.    But then, many Australians are a bit like that.


Anonymous said...

Just because it says national, the fuckwit johnboy KEY arselicker supporters her it dying NZ shouldnt get excited ,it was due to the EX pm (a arsehole) being dumped(replaced) by the ginger, shafter female PRIME MINISTER with the bottle opening nose. Farrar(kiwiblog) the chubby garden gnome thinks, the right are going ahead.Its just rubbish being thrown out over the ditch. Key is still the crap PM who runs when the going gets tough.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

NCEA strikes again.