Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Public service pay increases

Here's today's byline:
Public organisations have paid about $90 million to their chief executives in a year - with some receiving rises of more than 20 per cent, and one getting a 55 per cent increase.
Here's what Labour had to say on it:
Labour Party state services spokesman Chris Hipkins saw the increases as a "slap in the face" to public sector workers fearing redundancy amid the Government's public sector reforms.
"There does need to be restraint. It has got out of control and, at a local government level, I think some of these CEOs' salaries are very hard to justify."
Here's what Labour did in 2005:
Mr Rennie said the pay rises flowed through from a decision in 2005 to increase the overall funding for chief executives by 5 per cent a year for five years.
Of course 2012 is more than five years later than 2005.  And so one cannot blame Labour for this.  But Hipkins speaks with a forked tongue and out of both sides of his mouth when arguing for restraint in public sector pay rates.        


Bogusnews said...

Indeed, and there were many others much higher than that. I remember for example Christine Rankin was being paid $250K as head of Winz, within two years of Labour that post had increased to over $700K.

It was all part of the additional $16Bil we ended up spending on the public service for no useful benefit.

Psycho Milt said...

Between 2005 and now, something happened that caused a lot of people to change their views on big pay increases for chief executives. If it didn't cause National to change their views, more fool them.

Paulus said...

Hipkins - who is he ?

I assume that he has just change out of short trousers into long ones.

No wonder he does not have clue.
It suits enthusiastic Labour amateurs, like Shearer really.