Monday, March 12, 2012


I bumped into this table a while back and meant to comment on.  So now I do.

It's a stark realisation of our perverted priorities. 

Over a ten year period, Heritage, Culture and Recreation spending goes from $840million to over $2billion -an increase of about 150%.  Yet over the same period, the fundamental priority of the state, police and defence, has its spending increase by about 25%.

 Another eye-opening figure is Social Welfare - it increases about 50%. 

Core Crown expenses increases to $78billion, from $54billion.  That's an almost 50% increase in government expenses over ten years to 2016. 

One question: How are we going to pay for these increases?  How on earth is this country going to find an extra $24billion?

Answer: It can't.  We will print money and the poor will be the losers.

Australia is looking very, very good right now.


Heisenbug said...

Australia is just as bad. Hong Kong is probably the best bet, unless you've got enough capital behind you to set up off-grid in the American Redoubt.

Psycho Milt said...

Presumably the nearly tripling of the Heritage, Culture and Recreation spending through to 2012 is due to flushing money down the Rugby World Cup toilet. Yes, that one's really annoying.

Pretty much a quarter of that extra $24 bil is superannuation costs. Our glorious leader told us back in 2008 that what he intended to do about that was Nothing. But then, that's what he's done about most things...

Anonymous said...

Still, in response to Milt, doing nothing is a lot better than what the previous lot did to get NZ into this state.

However, I do agree something increasingly drastic needs to be done for the sake of those tied to NZ.

Who would want to be in government!?! Even if the National led government wanted to do something to fix NZ, they can't. Imagine if they

1. Means tested super
2. Unilaterally reduced all public sector wages and expenses by 20%
3. Raised the retirement age to 68
4. Put a time limit on welfare or reduced it over time
5. Stopped interest free student loans
6. Reformed the working for other people's families scheme
7. Killed the transport card for people over 65
8. Reformed the ACC tax so we don't have to subsidise bureaucrats and others
9. Reduced governemtn back to 100 MPs (ok, people would support this)

This list is endless. Unfortunately, it may not be too long before most of this is forced on NZ.