Friday, March 9, 2012

Lamington Len

It seems too good to be true.

Lyen Brown has has been hit in the face by a low flying lamington.

Not only that but a PINK lamington for a pinko Mayor.

Not only that either, but a pink lamington thrown by a dread-locked goon from the foetid morass that was Occupy Auckland. One is not told whether the pink lamington thrower was himself of a chocolate hue. Woops, I mean 'perma-tanned.'

Now if Len had just got himself a bit better organised a few weeks ago, the goon and his mates might well have been incarcerated still, with limited access to cream cakes.


pdm said...

There seem to be one or two bloggers of a left wing persausion who could have thrown it. They seem to have a downer on Looney Len.

Anonymous said...

Lamingtons = Roger France.

Anonymous said...

Lamingtons = Malcolm France.