Sunday, March 18, 2012

KNOW YOUR COUNTRY Sunday March 18th


Chris Bird said...

1 Chester Borrows, W(h)anganui MP
2 Raurimu Spiral
3 Old double or triple brick wool shed on Deans property at Hororata.
4 Wharf at Tolaga Bay, once used to ship wool and produce out of the east coast.
5. A beautiful waterfall but not sure where.

Anonymous said...

1.Chester Borrows
2.Raurimu Spiral
3.Old Oakley Hospital
4.Wharf at Hicks Bay
5.Haururu Falls,Waitangi


Richard said...

1. Chester Burrows- ex-cop sill doing his duty
2. A bendy road in the NI or a bendy rail line
3.Old Oakley hospital
4. Wharf,in Otago harbour where Directors of the ORFU walk off when wharf is completed
5.Auckland water

Simon Arnold said...

As noted above Burrows, Raurimu, Homebush woolshed, Tolaga, but I'd go with Maruia Falls Murchison

pdm said...

1. Chester Borrows
2 Raurimu settlement with Railway in the background.
3. Pass
4. Hicks Bay Pier - the fish were not biting the afternoon we fished off there when our son lived at Te Araroa.
5. Pass

Anonymous said...

5. Maruia Falls