Sunday, March 4, 2012



WWallace said...

1 ?
2 Skippers Canyon bridge
3 Site of famous battle in Maori wars?
4 Old Kopu bridge
5 Cambridge town hall

Chris Bird said...

1 pass
2 Perhaps bridge over the Kawerau River?
3 A red marker peg on a flat stoney bit of ground somewhere in our beautiful country!!
4 Bridge over the Waikato River ?
5 A Town Hall.

Anonymous said...

1 Lianne Dalziel
2 bridge near Arrowtown.
3 Red post between Culverden and Waiau in North Canterbury.
4 Bridge at Thames now closed.
5 No idea.


Niksta said...

Yay, finally got one...
1. ?
2. Skippers Canyon
3. Red post corner, north of Culverden to head to either Hamner or Waiou
4. ?
5. ?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

1 I think we can eliminate Parekura Horomia. Must be Nicki Wagner.

4 Old Kopu bridge

Don't know the others

Marc said...

1. Niki Wagner, MP for Christchurch Central
2. Skippers Canyon bridge
3. Red Post Corner, Waiau
4. Kopu Bridge
5 Cambridge Town Hall

pdm said...

1. Nikki Wagner
2. Pass
3. Pass
4. Pass
5. Pass

homepaddock said...

1. Nicky Wagner, first national MP to hold Christchurch Central.

2. Skppers Bridge, Kawarau Bridge, Skippers Bridge, Kawarau Bridge . . . defintiley Central Otago.

3. Here lies a Labour supporter.

4. Um.

5. Well-tended box hedge in foreground, town hall further back.

(Not quite so difficult to read word verification today).