Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just Sayin' Is All

In all the media fuss over Nick Smith's resignation and, in particular, the Toxic Tabloid's daily barrage of adverse commentary and negative headlines there seems to be a failure to recognise that New Zealanders are not stupid.

My guess is that new Zealanders will look at the events of this week and thank their lucky stars they have an administration which is honest enough to quickly put things right when things go wrong.

Unlike the other mob.

Reporters and opiners seem to easily forget what it was like when Labour was in power and the most egregious behaviour was defended to the death. The New Auck Times (In The Tank For Labour) carried a headline 'Key's Cabinet Hall of Shame.' What a contrast it is to the despicable performance of the Clark regime.

Philip Field

Tolerated until he ratted on Labour

Winston Peters

Clung to while he lied to the privileges committee and was sprung only because an expat multimillionaire came forward and told the truth about his shenanigan.


A serial pervert who was kept on for months after his appalling behaviour became common knowledge.

Darren Hughes

A predatory poofter, given to grooming young men from across the political spectrum.

I'll bet pounds to peanuts the opinion polls over coming weeks do not give any advantage to Labour or Peters.


Anonymous said...

Im sure all the recently sacked or soon to be sacked New Zealanders by John boy Key and the national sacking party really feel good about that.

Anonymous said...

There's a rancid smell of desperation wafting off the tory cheerleaders on this blog. McCully next do you think? He's possibly the biggest fuck up in a party of fuck ups.

Psycho Milt said...

No, the MFAT fuck-up is just par for the course for McCully. There's no reason they'd sack him for this when it's merely the latest in a long list of things he's turned to shit. I expect they won't have anything to say about the person who leaked Bronwyn Pullar's details to the media either, but I haven't seen that many ACC employees with bottle-blond hair, too many kilos for that outfit and a snooty, self-satisfied expression...

Johnboy said...

The amazing thing about your photos Adolf is it took so long for obvious deviates as shown to be sprung.

A sad indictment on the standards that NZ has sunk to under the socialist trash.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 8:40

For every one of your sacked bludger mates with their useless degrees, there are a thousand cheering New Zealand tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Univercity edukashuns is useless.

We should all get jobs as insurance salesmen like you Adolf. Now that's productive!

And why would you think people would cheer at the news that other people have lost their livelihoods? Why are tories so nasty?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.40 - Lets face it there ould be no sackings if Clarkula and co had actually balanced the books.

Instead they chose to spend taxpayers money buying voters. Increasing the civil service beyond any improvement in service was a recipe for disaster.

It seems in the modern era the conservatives get the bad rap as they are forever coming in and cleaning up the socialists mess.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Double Dutch Dynhoven.


WAKE UP said...

Reality finally bites Nick Smith. why all the crocodile tears? Tomorrow's fish and chop wrapping.

WAKE UP said...

Who really cares about this insulated-from-real-life-lifetime-on-a-pig's-back plonker

Paulus said...

Understand that the MSM are going to target McCully now that they have despatched Smith.

The media are now in their pre-eminent role of being the real masters again in New Zealand.

Mort said...

Eventually Carbon Nick had to face the music for his 2 facedness wrt AGW Carbon/ Emissions taxing, and the failure to deliver real change with the RMA, despite repeated promises to do so.

hopefully the new minister will correct this egregious assault on the wealth of NZers

Anonymous said...

"Understand that the MSM are going to target McCully now that they have despatched Smith."

What? Are you going to argue that he's actually competent? Remember how he screwed up RWC planning? Got fired by Shipley as Tourism Minister? Is busy blaming John Allen for screwing up his MFAT vision? The guy's comically useless. His one and only strength is that Key's petrified of him