Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It Just Doesn't Make Sense.

As Easter approaches the mandarins at the Dept of Labour, who are the custodians of the antiquated laws that apply to what shoppers can buy and where they can do it, are warning again not to flirt with their ridiculous contrivances.

Homepaddock highlights again the totally idiotic situation that exists in the Lakes District.
Wanaka Air Port will again host the bienniel World renowned Airshow that Sir Tim Wallace began, with thousands of visitors attending.
Meanwhile Queenstown will be business as usual where shoppers in Qtown can buy any goods a vendor wishes to sell but 70 Kms over the Crown Range options as to what can be bought and sold are severely proscribed.

One of the recurring themes the thought police advance in support of such lunacy is that "workers" should be able to have "holidays" that honour a very basic plank of Christians belief to spend with their 'families' with absolutely zero regard as to the religious significance of the weekend to their personal belief system.

I am guessing if those "workers" require a Dr, an ambulance, a fire truck, a policeman, a roadside assistance technician, petrol for their boat, a ferry crossing, a meal at a restaurant, a ride in a train , a bus, a taxi or an aeroplane they will not for one minute think about waiting for another 24 hours till the day of the crucifixion commemoration has been put to bed for another year, they will want the service provided on "Good Friday".

As one who will be on call to provide two of the above services, but I will not be paid anything let alone time and a half, double time let alone days in lieu, I find it totally obnoxious that I am prevented from buying goods from a garden center on certain designated days of the Easter Weekend.

Why the decision to trade or not to trade requires such laws when it is up to employers and their staff to make such a simple outcome to suit their wishes and personal circumstances is a complete mystery.

Of course the Dept. staff will be out and about seeking compliance and preparing evidence for subsequent prosecution on all the designated days but their pain will be assuaged by subsidised "holidays" for their families in various prime locations and they will be rewarded with penal pay and days in lieu.


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Anonymous said...

Its weird that the secular control freaks will use Christian tradition they wouldn't give a toss about as an excuse to boss you about. What nonsense - it should be open slather.

I'll be at church a couple of times because I do that regularly and like it very much but I don't expect anyone else tag along or sit around frustrated.