Saturday, March 10, 2012

How To Win Test Matches

Yesterday Graeme Smith and Jacque Kallis gave the New Zealand side a lessen on how to bat time in a test match. From the time they came together at 47/2 they put their heads down and batted time. Smith appeared to be struggling for form a bit and played a few edgy shots but Kallis hardly played a false shot and a run out looked the best chance of a wicket until Smith on 115 played on to Bracewell 200 runs later. With Kallis still there on 107, Rudolph on 13 and another of world crickets best batsmen AB de Villiers to come New Zealand are out of this test.

Had the prima donna's Taylor, McCullum Guptil and other NZ batsmen done the same thing on Friday New Zealand could now have been in a winning position. I just cannot understand why they think they have to score at four plus runs an over. Had NZ gone to stumps on Friday at 200 for 2 or even 3 they would have held the whip hand - now all they can hope for is rain because they do not have the mental toughness to bat out time. After bowling SA out so cheaply in the first innings NZ sould have been looking to bat only once in the test. Sure the bowling attack they are facing is possibly the best in world cricket at present but that should only make them more determined not to give their wickets away.

All of the NZ bowlers bowled steadily yesterday with Bracewell continuing to impress with his 3 wickets. Southee seems to have lost the ability to swing the ball - is he another victim of the NZ cricket coaching set up? New Zealand rarely lose tests because their bowlers fail - it is almost always because the batsmen do not bat for long enough to give the bowlers a chance to put opposing teams on the back foot.

I will watch today with interest and would expect SA to bat until just after tea and then give themselves a chance to bowl NZ out. I expect Steyn to be more of a threat in the second innings as the bounce becomes a bit more variable but it still looks a good test wicket.


Anonymous said...

Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The world has enough misery already without cricket.

pdm said...

Feel free to comment anon but I do require a nickname.

Then again if that is the best you have to offer perhaps is is better for everyone if you don't bother.