Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bloody Cyclists, Well Potentially Anyway

Recently on a winding state Highway, I came up behind a lone cyclist dominating the lane we are to share as equal status road users.
Yes equal, but as a slower vehicle, I understand the cyclist is required to keep as far as practicable to the left and to pull over to allow a following faster vehicle to pass.

There are a proliferation of signs on Hwy 75 and other main roads ( but those signs are not a hazard, funny that), asking overtaking vehicles to allow 1.5 meters space when overtaking, a safety measure I support but zero signage as to how a cyclist must behave.

After following this particular arrogant prick for some kilometers at around 40 KPH and having had about 300 meters of very wide sealed verge alongside the roadway when I first came up to pass, I was more than a little exercised when finally having an opportunity to pass to discover he had no rego, no WOF, no rear view mirror and his ears supporting the inevitable ear pieces to allow uninterrupted delivery of his favorite music but preventing any meaningful ability to hear following traffic as he nonchalantly and arrogantly enjoyed the roadway I helped fund directly while he was paying nothing for at that time.

They wonder why so many motorists become angry with their idiotic behavior.


Shane Ponting said...

use the horn.

Anonymous said...

....Fuck the horn....use ya front bumper....

PM of NZ said...

Firstly - a cyclist on a State Highway? WTF were you thinking? Bicycles do not belong on any highway!

Secondly - "while he was paying nothing for at that time" - Surely the fuel had included excise tax?

Psycho Milt said...

Bicycles do not belong on any highway!

Can you point to the relevant legislation or section of the road code?