Friday, March 30, 2012

Balanced media scrutiny?

Am I alone in thinking that the treatment of two ex party presidents was a little different.

One, a person who, so as to be able to perform the duties of assisting the election of a party by being appointed to several "cosy directorships on NGO boards, spent undisclosed money possibly from government funds trying unsuccessfully to find evidence of malfeasance by the leader of a rival party.
The other after leaving the position of president which I understand was fundeded from party funds, rendered substantial assistance to a fellow party activist in claims against ACC and an Insurance company.

The former activity almost passed beneath the radar of state TV while the latter was almost rabidly reported by an animated Walrus as the crime of the century while he desperately attempted to embroil the PM in what is becoming a beatup of epic proportions.

Just my right of center bias I guess


Anonymous said...

Yes, truly bizarre. So John Key when he was merely an MP, listened to a woman talk about her head injury and insurance/ACC claim.

Big deal. What scandal?

This is truly pathetic.

Why is this any of our business? An individuals private insurance has nothing to do with the Government.

Anonymous said...

Bogey Woman vs Fat Tony?

That's comparing Ebola to Colon Cancer.

Psycho Milt said...

So, the media had little to say about a guy from one political party seeing if he could dig up any dirt on someone from another political party, but is having a field day with a vicious civil war going on within the governing party that's already resulted in one cabinet minister's resignation. This comes as a surprise how, exactly?

Paulus said...

Feral media now.
They lost the last election so are starting now for the next.
They will get their own way - as was said on nine to noon the other day "the Media are the Guardians of the public"

Anonymous said...

What happened to the day when the media would just invent something and take a chance on someone owning up to something else?

Its like this is not a bloodsport anymore?