Monday, February 27, 2012

You Can't Recycle A Used Lemon

At last the ALP has started to use some common sense. Their mentally unstable used lemon has been dispatched to the back benches where he will fulminate and continue to undermine his party. Thrashed by a vote of nearly three to one.

This guy is the ultimate white ant. Don't be surprised if, in the event he misbehaves (and he will,) the faceless men see to it that he is denied preselection at the forthcoming general election.

Meanwhile the left has written a complete portfolio of attack adverts for the Libs.

Here's my favorite, from the nose picking wax eater himself:-

"A childless, atheist ex communist."

Come to think of it, New Zealand had one of those for a while and it did a hell of a lot of damage.

As Whaleoil said the other day - 'It doesn't get better than this!'

1 comment:

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