Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welfare tinkering

Anybody else feeling underwhelmed by the governments actions yesterday?
Despite the hysterical screeching from the welfare industry evidenced by the gallons of bile on the standard and the usual primitive grunting from Sue Bradford I really cannot see any downside for the tens of thousands of people in this country who are the fortunate recipients of tax payer charity.

1.Bennet has declared that the government is going to "make" the charity receivers LOOK for work at certain milestones in their dependancy.
LOOK. Nowhere in any of the releases has anybody said that benefits will be removed.

2.And then they are going to pay youth charity recipients MORE charity if they take advantage of opportunities for training and advancement.

Anybody getting outraged by this needs to make a fist with their left hand and repeatedly hit themselves in the face until they are a little less stupid. If clarity has not been reached by the time the left arm gets too tired then switch to your right arm.

And now for a suggestion on further reforms that will cost us more money but might actually help break the cycle of hopelessness.

From Pukenui to Bluff we have many tens of thousands of migrant workers..... WORKING.
Orchards, farms, hospo. We are importing labour by the plane load.
An excuse put about by the welfare industry to explain why our own people do not want these jobs is the fact that many of the roles are seasonal and the stand down period would see people without an income for many weeks between seasons.
Remove the stand down period for seasonal workers.
Putting aside the fact that many of the farmers, horticulturalists and orchardists in the Far North have given up trying to hire local labour because of the drunk, stoned, thieving antics that accompanies almost every effort to take on a local we need to do something to break the cycle.

That coupled with the two sensible changes outlined yesterday will go a long way to fixing many of the social problems that are destroying the Far North


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Excellent observation, Barnsley.

Anonymous said...

The more things change the more they stay the same. When I look in the windows of parliament I see men and pigs but its geting hard to tell them apart.


Anonymous said...

Are we going to address Corporate Welfare?