Saturday, February 25, 2012

True colours

There is a certain morbid fascination in watching the ALP leadership battle between Krudd and Gillard unfold across the Tasman.
You tend to see the heart of the matter.
Politicians spend countless hours of electioneering telling us that they want our vote so they can serve us and look after our best interests. Bloody noble of them.
Meanwhile behind the scenes they stab each other in the back at the first possible opportunity- put their personal interests and survival at the trough ahead of everything. They pretend to play for the same side but that is bullshit.
These two ozzy twats are the perfect example why Labour parties, including our own, are just a pack of self serving pricks, more than happy to rip the very system of government that has given them the freedom to stand in the first place.

The Western world can't afford these type of people anymore.


kevin said...

Your summary sounds about right to me.

Paulus said...

But Shearer appears to be a nice guy - so useless in Labour Party - now Grunty Robertson - there is a real chip off the Helen Clark and Heather Simpson block, as their number three for some years - venal - he's got where he wanted now watch - Shearer is an amateur -I wish he wasn't but WYSIWIG.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Where's Don Brash? You'd never see him trying to do this sort of thing! Oh wait...