Sunday, February 26, 2012

Surviving Forty Degrees Plus

Try this gorgeous long drink. One of life's little known pleasures.

Take the biggest tumbler you can find - forget about those poncy wine glasses, peanut butter glasses are pretty good.

Fill with large blocks of ice.

Apply cheap dry red wine to the half way mark. (Why waste the good stuff?)

Top up with soda water and gently stir.

When Adolf was calling on Italian fruit growers in the hills behind Pertt in 1970, the fruit pickers didn't drink tea at morning and afternoon smoko. They drank red wine and iced water. The Dings just weren't into soda water.

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Gerrit said...

Been doing that for years.

Try this with a bottle of good spirits. Leave it in the deep freeze.

Great for Rum, Vodka, Barcadi (rum I know), Jaegermaister, etc.

No need to dilute with ice or a flavoured water.