Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lake Taupo

I received an email from Ironman New Zealand mailing desk today about training on the course for this year's event to be held on 3 March.  It contained this about swim training in the lake:
Ironman New Zealand would like to thank the Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board for providing access to Lake Taupo. 
Thank goodness for the Trust Board.  If it didn't exist, competitors wouldn't have access to the lake for training. 

Good on Iwi for being so generous with *their* lake.


gravedodger said...

And the Koha was?

JC said...

"Good on Iwi for being so generous with *their* lake."

Well, "their foreshore" at any rate. They dont own the water.


PM of NZ said...

Just wait till their *generosity* gets added to your power bill about the time that nice Mr key sells his assets.

Paulus said...

Had I realised I would not have peed in it.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was a previous Nat government that gave the bed of Lake Taupo to Tuwharetoa. That's why there's a charge to launch your boat on the lake - it goes to iwi. The hole in one on the Taupo foreshore also pays a royalty to iwi for every ball hit into the lake.


Lofty said...

Not to mention the "special" fishing licence required to fish the Tuwharetoa (Taupo) region.